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Have you, or someone you know, had a heart attack or other serious illness, and then thought a lot about dying months after?

Asked by chyna (44513points) May 9th, 2019

I don’t mean worried about dying, but thinking about it a lot? Is this normal?

Asking for a friend.

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I had cancer 20 years ago, it was years before I stopped having the concept of my own mortality often front and center. I believe it’s very normal. We don’t really tend to think of such things unless we have reason to believe that it could happen in an untimely fashion.

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Yes. Near death experiences often make a person more aware of their own mortality. This is very common.

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I thought a lot about offing myself when I was 14. I have been nearly killed on several occasions, and I suffered a sever infection back in 2007 that, at that time, was killing 20% of all people who contracted it.
One gets to the point where one accept death’s inevitability, and one hopes that, when it comes, it comes quick!
Also good to consider that this life is all there is and one better make the most of it without throwing it all away.

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Sounds normal to me.

Although, I do know people who had near death experiences who talk about being freed up from worrying about dying. They talk about not fearing death anymore.

Ive been meaning to update my will, and get some things in order in case I die, and I’m sure if I had a heart attack or diagnosed with cancer I would finally get it all done. I did fix a lot of beneficiary information on my accounts several months ago when my blood pressure was very high and I felt like I had a new heat arrhythmia.

I always believe I can die young, but usually I’m not thinking about it daily, but sometimes it’s really in my face, and I can only imagine if I actually had a big event.

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I have a friend who recently went through something like this, and noticed disturbing thoughts and feelings after. It’s not always the case, of course, but my friend wondered too and found some info, and shared this article:

I Had PTSD After a Critical Illness. Apparently That’s Fairly Common.

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My cancer scare a year ago, and other health concerns have kept various aspects of death in mind.
I realized, after believing I had ovarian cancer, that I wasn’t actually scared of death, in fact desired an end to my suffering.
I wasn’t suicidal though.
My doctor expected me to be happy when he told me the biopsies showed previous tests had been false positives.
I’m not afraid of dying, but I have realized I feel strongly about getting a few things accomplished first.
Thinking about dying is quite common after a near miss, but those thoughts can vary a lot. People needn’t worry, unless that person is frightened by their own thoughts.

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