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Is Parkinson's disease non existant (or close to it) in tropical countries that don't cover up head to toe?

Asked by flo (12904points) May 10th, 2019

Why would there be the belief that Vitamin D prevents could prevent Parkinson’s disease?

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This is a Parkinson’s map that I found.

It implies sunshine might be a factor. It also could be genetics, or maybe infectious.

For myself, I was was having muscle problems, and one symptom I had was shaking after using my muscles. I didn’t have Parkinson’s, but maybe it could have progressed to some sort of more permanent muscle shake. Vitamin D significantly helped me get rid of the shake. But, I think Parkinson’s is something from the brain, and my problem felt like a problem in the muscle or nerve transmission, but I never thought about it in regards to something in the brain.

Vitamin D has been, and is still being studied in relation to Multiple Sclerosis. MS clusters in the upper Midwest of the US, and it’s high in numbers in northern and Western Europe. That could be D, or could be genetics. The upper Midwest is full of Germans and Vikings.

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@JLeslie I’m trying to see the corrolation between tropical and absence or rarity of Parkinsons Woudn’t the tropical countries be white or yellow, yellowish, 8–10. 10–20, and 20–30, and the artctic or close to arctic, be deep purple purple 100–1000, and 1000–1069?
Australia not arctic, arctic and close enough to arctic are both showing red.

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The tropics are near the equator. So, the white area in the Americas covers the tropics, but actually the very very southern part of South America would be outside of it.

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Here’s a diagram. The red band is the tropics.

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I’m gonna leave it here.

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Leave what?

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Trying to see what the maps are saying. It’s futile.

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Where is the part that tells you which color means what, in the second diagram by the way?

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