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What is an animal / animals or other living creature(s) that no sports team would name their team after, or use as a mascot?

Asked by Yellowdog (10224points) May 11th, 2019

Sports teams, if they use a type of animal as a mascot, usually want to be something gallant, fierce, or fast: Tigers, Bulls, Cougars, Bears, Eagles, Lions, etc etc.

What are some animals that NO team would ever name their team after—such as Lambs, Ants, Monkeys, etc

I guess you could even include plants

Humor expected, of course.

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Say something funny, like Kangaroos, Cuckoo birds, Camels, Potatoes

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How about the Indiana Skunk Rats?

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Seattle Sperm Whales.
Denver Dodos.
New York Yaks.

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Dung beetles

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@Zaku You never heard of the University of California, Santa Cruz Banana Slugs?

And UC Irvine is the Anteaters, up until two years ago, Whittier College was the Poets.

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@ragingloli I was actually going to say nematodes. Who would name a team after parasitic worms?

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Sea Cucumbers. The fried chickens.

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Catfish, Catfish-Charlies, Pigs, Turkeys, Mice, Cows,

Horses are gallant animals, but to name a team ‘The Horses’ would be a bit strange.

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Well we have The Broncos…but not The Mares.

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@Dutchess_lll you never heard of University of Oregon Ducks? And there are Goats – Worcester Polytechnic Goats,

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I think Camels would be a good team name. They aren’t sleek, but they have amazing endurance. They make terrific pack animals.
The mascot would be great; camel on hind legs, and a Gatorade cooler on their back, so that at certain times coach could open the hump of the costume, and dispense a cup of Gatorade.

However, my list of unlikelies -

The Detroit Turtledoves
The Anchorage Abalones
The Los Angeles Black Mold
The Little Rock Petunias
The Memphis Crested Warblers
The New Jersey Pickles
The Minnesota Sugar Beets.
The Washington Apple Blossoms

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The Pottsylvania Possums (for you fans of Boris and Natashia)
University of Rhode Island Rhode Kills
Cleveland State Critters
University of Scranton Scabies
Boise Blow Flies
Amarillo Amoeba

This is fun!

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Genital crabs

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^Well. Before I read that post, I would have opined that nothing was out of the realm of possibility.

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Bot flies.

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Denver Dung Beetles

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There are no pigs, but Arkansas has the Razorbacks.

Mt. Pleasant Pussy Willows.
Winnemucca Wombats
Keokuk Cockroaches
Joplin Jellyfish
Olathe Bush Babies
Limon Locusts
Meridian Millipedes
Kirksville Dust Mites
Bangor Mangoes

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San Francisco Dandelions

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Atlanta Asses
Purdue Parasites

Given that undesirable humans are also taxonomically classifiable as animals:

Raleigh Rapists
Pittsburgh Polluters
Chicago Shitheads
Nashville Nazis
Baltimore Bigots
Fargo Fascists
San Francisco Farters
Houston Homophobes
Toronto Texting Drivers

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^^ That would be a DC team.

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Stink bugs

Bilge rats

Fainting goats

Naked mole rats

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I’m liking the naked mole rat as a name
I’m slightly less than enthused about the concepts for mascot.
GA for the fainting goats.

Actually, now that I think about it, naked mole rats seems more like a name for a band.

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I love fainting goats.

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I am a little surprised that no one has mentioned the obvious:
Jellyfish, The Jersey Jellyfish.
Collectively the squad could be known as ‘The Fluther’

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I did. Joplin Jellyfish
It’s up there.

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What, no mosquitoes?

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The Missouri Mosquitoes. Their motto is “suck it up”

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Mud skippers

Tit mice

Blue footed boobies

Brown recluse spiders




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