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Join me in saying farewell to Doris Day - died today at age 97?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28020points) May 13th, 2019

An oldie but a goodie link

So many great old films. What was your favorite?

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Oh, man! She was one of my favorites. So fresh faced, so natural. Good-bye, dear, and may you rest in peace.

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I’m sad that she died, as I’m sad that anybody dies, but unfortunately I’m not old enough that I really watched her movies or appreciated her talent.

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Animal activist, also. Thanks Doris!

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Que sera sera…

She was great opposite Clark Gable in Teacher’s Pet. And she was quite the beard for Rock Hudson.

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We appreciated all of your films and acting style plus your beautiful voice .
She was an epitome of a healthy celebrity that had inborn beauty rather than slathered false images of present day celebrities of which many emulate.
Best of the last of the olden days.

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She was a blessing to this world and will be missed. I liked her in Calamity Jane, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Please Don’t Eat the Daisies. Hopefully TCM will play some of her favorites as a tribute.

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One of the first songs I remember hearing in my life was Whatever Will Be, which was when I was 9.

I received a memorial email from the Humane Society about an hour ago, which attributes the following quote to her: “As we journey under our individual umbrellas, we should not forget we all share the same sky”.

The message from them speaks for me and I’m sure for countless others:

“Doris Day’s courage, perseverance and loving heart helped strengthen animal protection in the United States. Today, and every day, we celebrate her legacy”.

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Absolutely first and foremost her beautiful heart for all the creatures who have no voice.
Safe Paths to you Doris.

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