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Does anyone have anyone in their family who has alcoholic psychosis?

Asked by Kardamom (31188points) May 13th, 2019 from iPhone

My friend’s mother in law has been estranged from her, and her husband (the woman’s son) for about 10 years, due to the fact that she seemed uninterested in being a grandma to her (now) 3 grandkids, or maintaining a relationship with my friend’s hubby, her son.

This woman and her husband, her 2nd husband, not the father of my friend’s husband, have been living in an alcoholic haze for about 25 years. The alcoholic 2nd husband died last year, unbeknownst to my friend and her hubby, because they’ve been estranged. They found out from other relatives.

The fire department called my friend and her hubby a few months ago to say that the MIL had fallen, and was now in a rehab center in another state.

As a side note, this woman’s daughter is a heroin addict, who has been spongeing off of her (the mother) for years, and wants nothing to do with her, now that she needs care.

My friend, and her husband are handling this lady’s care now. It’s been a mess, and a financial nightmare.

The woman is only in her mid 60’s, but due to her chronic alcoholism, she seems like a disabled person in her 90’s.

Have any of you had to deal with a relative who was a chronic alcoholic, in which their care was put into your hands?

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This is what I have read, in the last few days, about alcoholic psychosis. This sounds like what my friend’s MIL is going through.

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No, but kudos to your friend and her husband for taking on the responsibility and the work of helping out. I don’t know if I would be so generous with my time for someone who sounds like a virtual stranger.

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Have your friend contact Al Anon, it is a support group for people that have friends and relatives with alcohol issues.

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Thank you TW, I’ll suggest that to them.

@jca2 Yeah, it’s been rough. My friend and her husband have 3 kids, including a 4 month old baby. They were thrust into this position, even though they’ve been estranged from this lady for a decade, because the woman’s daughter (the hubby’s sister) is a heroin addict, and can’t even take care of herself, and the lady’s own siblings refused to help out, due to the alcoholism, and the damaged relationships with them.

It’s awful, because the woman is combative, and has all sorts of medical problems. They are getting her assessed at a brand new doctor today. They had to move her to our state, after she was released from the rehab hospital, where apparently she was never bathed, she has a terrible foot fungus, and she has a yeast infection in the folds of her skin. The rehab facility merely housed her, but did not treat her, and let things fester.

They are currently trying to find an assisted living facility, nearby.

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@Kardamom: It sounds like it’s not going away any time soon.

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