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What's wrong with my computer? HELP!

Asked by jca (36043points) August 25th, 2008

on four separate occasions, over about the last two weeks, my computer screen goes all blue and says “your computer is shutting down due to a fatal system error” or something similar to that. then it stays on but i can’t do anything with it, so i shut it off myself and restart it. this only happened these four times. computer is about 5 years old. it’s a dell laptop. i only use it for the internet and email. i don’t want to call the wonderful customer service at Comcast unless i have to.

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It’s a PC, running Windows!

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How would comcast help you? They have nothing to do with your hardware or software. They just screw you over, that’s all.

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We’ve been hit by an e-mail virus that’s causing us no end of problems. We’ve actually given up and ordered a new hardrive. Have you run virus checks and anit-spyware programs?

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Blue screen of death!!!!! Last time my boyfriend had that on a laptop, he reloaded Windows

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Do you have all the latest service packs and security updates? If not, install them. Run a virus/spyware scan. Create a new user and see if the problem persists there. Or just reinstall Windows. Comcast certainly won’t be of any help, they provide your connection to the internet, nothing more.

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This is the infamous BSOD, the Blue Screen of Death; if you look at it, it will have a code number like’ 0×0000000001’ or something, and a message. (sometimes) Check this link for ideas on how to understand what it’s about. If it is not hardware related, doing a repair install of windows usually works, and you wont lose data. Worst case, you have to format and reinstall, so I hope you have your stuff backed up somewhere.

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