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Does God belive that the universe is his simulation?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16795points) May 14th, 2019

Also that because of us being not real he can do as he pleases?

Like for example who greatly mourns the loss of a video game character in the character select part of the game ? Are unplayed characters sent to oblivion?

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It is his sim city.
hence all the natural disasters.

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Right, because there’s totally a “realer really real” universe where God plays our universe as a computer game, in between having to go work at a realer really real fast food joint. Then He comes back and blows off steam by torturing us with not really real afflictions and stupidities, unless He’s in a good mood, in which case He lets us enjoy some stuff, unless we’re working on Sunday. That’s why Sundays matter to Him – it’s all about His work schedule at the perpetual crappy job He has had in the realer really real universe for the last few thousand years.

As long as His realer really real mom or girlfriend don’t find out he’s torturing his sims in our fake video game universe, he “can do as he pleases”, as you say (but his resentment for that dynamic is indirectly largely responsible for the misogynistic slant of most Papal doctrines).

Unplayed characters are soulless NPCs.

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To “God,” the universe is like a terrarium. Every so often he comes along and looks inside to see what kind of shit is going on.
If he was real, that is…

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God has a dog named Blue.

God gave his friend Satan a Devil-suit and pitchfork once and told him to wear it. Satan didn;t like the suit and Satan got mad and rebelled against God. That’s why we have God and the Devil. Half the people in the world worship God and the other half worship Satan. But the people who worship Satan seldom expose or reveal which one they worship. But they are EVERYWHERE doing bad things in secret. You just don’t know it because reality is a lie. Hey, that sounds like something you hear on T.V.!!!

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According to some books I have read, God created mankind because he likes to laugh.

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How do you distinguish between simulation and reality? What experiment could you perform to show that we are not living in the Matrix?

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When I was a kid, about eight years old, I SERIOUSLY wondered at times if my life was faked and I was being watched by audiences on a ‘Candid Camera’ type T.V. show; audiences laughing at everything I did, every ,mistake I made, so I was especially embarrassed and careful in the bathroom.

It kind of helps your personality and social skills, however, if you act like, or think, you are on reality television or being witnessed or studied by aliens.

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Simulation or collective consciousness?
No one knows what God believes.
But I hope that God believes in his creation enough to have compassion for the human trials and tribulations that many before us and into the future will experience.

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