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Is the curved arrow on the Amazon logo supposed to be a smile?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28020points) May 15th, 2019

Maybe I am completely dense and never noticed this before.

I was reading just this morning about “the Amazon Smile” – It never dawned on me that the curved arrow with the point on the right was supposed to be a smile.

Was it always obvious to you?

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I think it’s a graphic that they made to remind people of a smile.

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I always thought it was a smile.
You probably didn’t notice the word mom written on the little girls collar on the logo of Wendy’s either.

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I’m pretty sure it’s a dick. You know, to signify how Amazon workers get dicked over.

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It’s a curved arrow. A hint on the company’s success in striving for accuracy.

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It’s actually a line that points from the letter A to the Z, to indicate that they sell everything; all products, “from A to Z.
And it’s a smile, as to indicate that the buyers walk around with one on their face.

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According to Famous Logos The Amazon logo has underwent several modifications throughout the years. Its current version very smartly carries the absolute message that the company deals in everything from A to Z. The arrow, which is situated below the wordmark, embodies the “smile” that their consumers would experience by shopping on their website. The use of black color in the Amazon logo depicts the company’s supremacy and grace, while the orange color represents pride and happiness of the customers. The Amazon logo uses a custom-made typeface.

This is in line with everything I’ve read ove the years so I have NO reason to disbelieve anything they’ve said!!!

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