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In the fiction genres of 'Magical Realism" and Science Fiction, what is a good word for inexplicable supernatural "magical" abilities in an otherwise realistic setting?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) May 15th, 2019

What would be some good terms describing psychic and psionic abilities, including, the ability to manipulate matter, such as the instant alteration of-, materialization and dematerialization of organisms and objects?

Some characters, on Star Trek (the original series) include Apollo (whose godlike powers came from an organ in his chest which humans don’t have, which channeled energy from a Temple), Charlie X and Gary Mitchell.

If Harry Potter were real, magic might be called magic at Hogwarts, but what would the rest of us call the abilities of those characters, or for that matter the abilities of Samantha Stevens, Jeanie, and little Anthony Freemont on that infamous Twilight Zone episode ‘Its a Good Life”?

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The word “magic” seems OK though it doesn’t apply to science fiction. There isn’t any magic in science fiction – everything is explained in terms of science and technology.

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Mutant powers

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Something made out of handwavium.

Or super powers.

Or powers.

Or mysterious or mystic or fantastic or super-tech abilities.

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Enhanced manipulation

Biodisplacement syndrome

Neato bar tricks

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Shapeshifting into anything.

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Mental quantum superposition.

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