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Why do anti-abortion people keep insisting that an unwanted embryo or fetus or however an unborn is called be born?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24885points) May 15th, 2019 from iPhone

It’s unwanted so why force people to want it?

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Put yourself in their shoes and imagine you believed that terminating a pregnancy was morally equivalent to killing an adult person. Would “I don’t want it around” be a good enough reason to kill an adult? I’m guessing your answer is “no.” But if it’s not a good enough reason to kill an adult, and if terminating a pregnancy is morally equivalent to killing an adult, then “I don’t want it around” is also not a good enough reason to terminate a pregnancy.

Obviously, you don’t believe that terminating a pregnancy is morally equivalent to killing an adult. Neither do I. But it’s pretty clear why someone who did believe that would insist on pregnancies being carried to term in most circumstances (maybe even all circumstances).

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They believe like @JeSuisRickSpringfield just said to them it is the same as murdering an adult,they don’t give a shit after that or care about the child once it’s here.
They figure as best as I can guess if you force the woman to have it,it will force her to care for it when it’s here.
They don’t care about the hardship it can cause or the health issues,their rich conservative leaders will need more wage slaves,or cannon fodder for their armies.

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Because they believe it’s a life and that it’s murder. I don’t understand why it’s hard for people to understand that?

If they are very religious (often the case, but not always) and buy into the idea that God blesses America, because America lives by His word, and they also believe it’s against God to kill a human unborn child, then to keep America safe they are going to fight for what they believe is morally right and what God commands.

Put yourself in their frame of mind. Many of these people believe America’s success is because we are a Christian country, and follow Christian values. So, protecting that baby is not just about them protecting innocent life, but also about protecting their own way of life. Not all Christians take it to that level obviously, has d say most just see it as murder, but some do have religion, patriotism, and even the safety and well being of the country in their heads.

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They believe it’s a life and they want it to have all of the rights of any other life. To me, the hypocrisy is that these same people often are into cutting social programs, cutting public assistance, cutting food stamps, cutting Medicaid. If the child ends up in foster care or in a residential facility, or needing 24/7 medical care, who is going to take care of that if social programs, public assistance and Medicaid is cut? If the birth rate goes up and there’s no public housing or whatever, where are these kids going to live?

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Because they think that all human life is more special, more deserving of life, than some/any other life form.

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GREAT ANSWER @jca2 I wish some of these pro-lifers would come and address your answer but I highly doubt any of them will.

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In a third world country where abortion is illegal I think and most people are anti-abortion Catholics, poor kids are digging garbage bins for food.

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Well, for starters, there are not likely any third world countries where abortion is illegal. In many third world countries, unwanted babies are either thrown in the garbage bin (not too different from the abortion industry in the U.S.) or are sent to an orphanage or adopted by U.S. couples.

And religion has nothing to do with it. When life begins is a scientific fact. And the embryo is developed enough to define personhood long before many women are even aware that they are pregnant.

Pro-life agencies are staffed mostly by women who have previously worked in the abortion industry. They are well funded and can support a woman and her child until they can find a source of financial solvency. Other women’s services, such as Hannah’s Hope in the United Methodist Church, or Jewish Family Services, are adoption agencies. Some are progressive enough that women can choose which couple they want to raise or adopt their child. And yes, there are a lot of couples wanting to adopt. One reason so many adopt overseas orphans is because there are not enough babies to adopt in the U.S.

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@Yellowdog What if the mother is addicted to drugs? What if the mother caught rubella during pregnancy? What if the mother had to take medicine known to disfigure a fetus?

Most third world countries abortion is illegal, or significantly restricted. Most of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. They are Catholic and Muslim countries, do you really think they are going to be ok with abortion? When my SIL’s friend found out her baby had Downs Syndrome, she came to America for her abortion, because she couldn’t get one in Dom Rep. Abortion is completely illegal there if I remember correctly. It just doesn’t exist, except for when it is literally a choice between mother and child, and I think the mother needs to be bleeding out on the table for them to even entertain the idea. I find that terrifying. I would not feel confident they save the mother. If it is true that the babies are thrown out (God forbid) maybe that is because the women can’t get abortions.

What pro-life seems to overlook is they talk about how many pregnancies are aborted, but they for some reason think there will be fewer unwanted pregnancies if abortion is illegal. There will still be thousands of unwanted pregnancies, and so there will be thousands of babies born into bad circumstances, and also thousands of women getting unsafe abortions.

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Exactly^^^^good answer @JLeslie .
For shits sake it sounds from the pro life side that just about every women out there uses abortion as an easy form of birth control,or at least that’s what they want you to think.
It can’t be easy for a woman to decide on having one for what ever reason, but if she chooses it would be the best that it be legal and as safe as can be, NOT some basement lab with dirty equipment.

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