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How do you figure out where the text reaches the 3900 character limit on Google translate?

Asked by flo (12904points) May 16th, 2019

How do you figure out where the text reaches the 3900 character limit on Google translate, if it’s not you writing the text?

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It doesn’t let you type any more.

If it’s not you and you’re looking at something someone else wrote, what ever they wrote was 3900 or less.

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If you want to know in general copy and paste into Word. There will be a character count at the bottom left of your tool bar.

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I thought it was 5000.

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Thanks, I’m looking for it.

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By the way yesterday Google Translate said 3900, today it says 5000. I’m not sure if Google has more than one place for it. Anyway ignore my last post. I was using Powerpoint which doesn’t have it, or it’s hidden from me. Word says the text is 2050 words long when Google said it’s past 3900. My question is does GoogleTranslate indicate exactly at what point in the text it reaches the limit, in order to allow you to divide the text?

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Well it won’t let you type anymore. At that point copy what you have and move it to Word so you have a blank Google Translate screen and start from where it left off.

You know how to use PowePoint?

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Per the discrepany between Word and G Translate. Sounds like one is counting words and the other is counting characters.

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Re. “I was using Powerpoint” I meant I was on it at the time.

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