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What are some sounds that you associate with your childhood?

Asked by Kardamom (30882points) May 16th, 2019 from iPhone

Bicycle bells, and the plinkety plink music emanating from ice cream trucks come to mind, as do air raid sirens, and the sound of blackboard erasers being slapped together.

What sounds do you remember?

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Not gunfire in the classroom.

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I always appreciated the sound my bike wheels made when I clothes pinned a card to the frame, so it would flap in the spokes when the wheels turned, making it sound like a motorbike.

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Radial engines on a bi-planes; we lived between four airports in Los Angeles.

Helms Bread truck, special horn.

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The wind and birds mainly. We lived out in the rural Appalachians. The “Buungccch” sound my red ryder made when firing is another forever etched in my mind.

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Wind and trees rustling.

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The sound of chalk on a chalkboard. Mainly because my favorite teacher had a piece of jumbo chalk

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Screaming at the city pools. They used to be packed.

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Oh! The cicadas… weeee youuuu weeee youuuu. They only come out for a couple of weeks in the dead of summer, right at dusk. That sound just feels likeva hot day cooling down .
The fireflies come out at the same time. Magic.

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Foghorns from the Golden Gate Bridge.

The roar of jets in the small hours of the morning when I lived near San Francisco Airport. Train whistles at night.

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Oh, in the mid 60s we moved from Florida to Kansas. We lived in a housing area while the house was being built. It was near McConnell AFB.
The jets were allowed to break the sound barrier over outlying residential areas then. The first time it happened I was 3rd grade and home alone. Mom was just up the street and I called her, freaking out!

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Crickets. ducks quacking.bumble bee’s,rushing water, and my late father swearing in the morning.

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Nutcracker Sweet.

The TV on.

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The rustling of the wind in the pine trees, the coo,coo of the doves in the trees, the chug, chug of the washing machine, the sizzle of the bacon in the morning, the dog scratching at the door, the far away sound of a peacock at a zoo (it sounded like “help, help” and scared me.)
I still love the sound of rain on the roof.

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“Tie time!”
As we were getting ready for school and Dad was getting ready for work at Boeing, when he got to the point where he was ready to put on his tie….the last thing…he’d holler down the stairs “Tie time!” That’s when Mom would start his eggs. I think he had bacon and eggs every morning, but we kids didn’t. We had pancakes or oatmeal, without fail.

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