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What are some memorable flavors you remember from your childhood?

Asked by Kardamom (31217points) May 16th, 2019 from iPhone

My Grandma always had cherry Lifesavers in her purse, which I loved. When we had class parties at school for Valentine’s Day, or Christmas (this is back in the day before they did away with that) one of the Mom volunteers would serve us canned punch, that was either H-C, or Hawaiian Punch. It was so good. I also fondly remember the taste of Chalks vitamins.

There were also yucky flavors like Necco Wafers that ended up in the Halloween stash, and Pepto Bismol when we got an upset stomach (although I was always thrilled to take it because of the pink color), and the flavor of stamps that you had to lick.

What are some memorable flavors, good, bad, or unusual, from your childhood?

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@Kardamom My first though was Necco wafers. I loved them, especially the chocolate ones.

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Pralines. Mom made them for dad. We were allowed to have one.
Chocolate covered cherries for my dad. I was allowed to have one.
Cherry Mash. I tried one of those as an adult just a couple of years ago….oh my god 1 bite sugar overdose!!!

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Love this question.

My aunt used to always have those boxes of Luden’s cherry cough drops. Reminds me of her.

The same aunt would also always have Honey Smacks cereal. Still remember how it flavored the milk.

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up. Still remember scrounging the couch cushions for change. When we’d get enough together, my sister and I would go down to the communal laundry room to use the vending machine.

We’d usually buy one of two things. Either a bag of cheddar and jalapeño potato chips. Or Hawaiian Punch.

My dad would sometimes buy Hawaiian Punch. But the cans that came out of the vending machine were at this perfectly chilled temperature. The crisp crrraaack pulling the tab back. And that first tantalizing sip.

(I could keep going all night remembering these things.)

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My grandfather’s home made toffee which I haven’t tasted for over 50 years.

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I don’t recall.

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Vanilla maple fudge.

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Fig newtons cookie. Only allowed to have one each very rarely had sweets in our home.

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I loved chocolate Neccos.

I liked cherry flavor a lot too. Hawaiian Punch, maraschino cherries, and cherry ice pops.

Peanut Chews candies that my grandma used to buy for herself, and give us a piece. Her matzah ball soup, which she only made for us once a year.

Entemann’s chocolate chip cookies and classic ice cream sandwiches. I still buy both once in a while (not at the same time).

Pizza. I still like it.

I didn’t like most orange flavored sweets, tasted like baby aspirin.

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Yoohoo chocolate drink. My friends and I would collect returnable bottles and then take them to the dairy where we’d get eno0ugh money to buy bottles of Yoohoo.
I’m sure they tasted better because we got them for free.

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Orange Julius.
50–50 ice cream bar.
Sidewalk Sunae ”
Strawberry ice cream bars.

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Bazooka Joe bubble gum was good.
Homemade cornbread with pork cracklins. If you don’t know what a cracklin is, look it up.
Fresh honey with the comb still in it.

Always hated liver. Adding onions didn’t make it better.

I think I enjoyed textures of treats though. When I think back to the candy I liked as a kid or that stick out in my mind, The cheap bubble gum in with the baseball cards was in that list as were the little bits of juice inside the small bottle shaped wax containers. The gum was brittle and took some chewing to make it “gum”. The bottles were something you could chew for a long time until all the flavor was gone.

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Spangles – Old English flavour.

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Honey suckle.
Also, pulling a stalk of grass, that had sprouted, out of it’s sheath then chomping on the sweet, tender end.

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