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Ever cheat on your meatless diet?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) August 25th, 2008

you’re at a dinner or family reunion or party and damn those rib tips look so good. everybody else is eating ‘em. i’m just going to have one. hmmmm, you’ve been married to chicken, fish or all veggies for 20 years, but you cheated on a one-night stand with a piece of smoked ham and now it’s divorce. PORK FAT RULES you say and you know what, i only got one life, might as well. did you get sick to your stomach or carried on wanting it more?

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well, i remember getting lasagna with spinach, so i thought it didn’t contain meat (yes, nowadays i check the entire label) so i prepared it, and as soon as i took the first bite…meat, so i thought “i’m not gonna throw away good food” and i ate it, and got sick to the stomach, that was about a year ago

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Never on purpose.. A few months ago my mother ordered Italian. She handed me a hero and told me It was shrimp parmigiana (I eat seafood and fish). After a few bites I opened the sandwich and realized I was eating veal!! I wanted to kill my mother!

She has no idea how hard it is to avoid meat..I absolutely love it, miss it and crave it all the time.

PS. Don’t eat piggy….he’s so cute!

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i was at a family function about three years ago. hadn’t had red meat in almost 20 years. sat at the table for a while and just saw barbecued rib tips on the platter untouched. thought, well, i’ll just have one. i dont know what possessed me, but i had one and then another and another. i could see myself throwing up all night, but like lust, i ate. never again.

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Hi, my name is Seeker,

And, yes on occasion I have fallen off the healthymeatonly wagon, and eaten, yummy yummy ribs with falling off the bones meat.

I don’t do it often…so I’m not too worried about it. I have never beaten anyone while under the influence of fattymeat—nor have I even had a DUFMI [driving under fatty meat influence]. I can quit COMPLETELY anytime I want.

I only do it about twice a year at the most——so far it hasn’t caused my heart to stop beating, or my waist to expand. And if it’s a choice between going off for a glass of wine or a fattyrib; I’ll take the wine anyway. [no cheese thanks].

Yes, my name is Seeker and I don’t have a problem! Says me….lol

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I would never cheat myself to a meatless diet.

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believe me magnus, it hurts…bad! my body was upset for a few days…damn meat…

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I’ve been vegetarian (ovo-lacto) since 1990. I’ve never eaten meat since then except by accident. The thought of eating meat now discusts me. Smells I once enjoyed now make me nauseated.

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@astrochuck: u r my hero.

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I don’t eat much beef anymore, just cause I don’t like the fat. I absolutely LOVE deer backstraps and porksteaks though!

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i bit into a meat taco from taco bell once and didnt spit it out. It tasted terrible.

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Sure. On the rare occasion that I find myself craving meat, I figure it might mean than I haven’t been supplementing my protein adequately. Sometimes I’ll eat some chicken or fish, just in case.

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Sometimes I eat yogurt that has gelatin in it. That’s about as far as I get. Once, a couple of years ago, I mistook a Canadian sausage (on pizza) for a tomato and accidentally ate a bite. Then I threw up for several hours.

I like how meat smells though, and I am an avid watcher meat lover’s pizza commercials.
But my philosophy is that if I didn’t kill, I can’t eat it.

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Amazing the ability the mind has over us. Even though there is nothing preventing us from digesting meat, since our body has evolved the ability to digest meat, we are still able to convince ourselves that it has to be thrown up.

Really, depends on why you are not eating meat. If you are not eating meat for moral reasons. Then this is equivalent to breaking religious ceremony. ie. Eating pork if you are a kosher jew, beef if you are hindi, a twinky if you are rastafarian, coffee if you are mormon. The problem you will have is between you are the promise you made with yourself. If the promise you made to yourself is a little more lax, then eat some ribs. You will be doing no harm to your body, it is, was, will be able to digest meat. Eating veggies for a long time does not change the enzymes your stomach is able to produce. It might not be ready for you to down the whole rack of pork, but a rib or two or few won’t cause any problems.

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edit: disgusts

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