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If you believe in hell does that deter you from doing bad things?

Asked by dg03 (35points) 1 month ago

What are the effects of hell on the way you live your life?

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Not being a shitty human being motivates me to not do bad things, it even motivates me to try to do good things for people.

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If the death penalty doesn’t deter people from doing bad things, I don’t know that a belief in Hell will, either.

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You seem obsessed with hell. What are your thoughts on it?

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I have never known anyone who was too scared of hell to not sin.

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When you’re raised in church, you know that’s a possibility if you’re ‘bad’ or don’t follow the rules of your religion. So while we don’t really know what hell is other than an absence of God, yes, as an adult, I still live by those same moral codes and the ten commandments myself. I don’t imagine a burning smoky dungeon by any means…lol

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I don’t need any religion or God or threat of punishment for all eternity to motivate me to do good. I do good because it makes me feel good. If I do bad, I feel bad and that’s enough to deter me from doing it again.
I don’t understand why anyone would need something other than that.

Maybe you can explain that @dg03? What purpose does hell serve in some people’s lives? Could they not function as decent human beings without that threat?

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If you ask most Christians if they would continue to believe and act as they do if they knew there was no chance they were going to hell, they will say “yes”, which shows me that belief in hell is not necessary for moral action.

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Who would think a belief in hell is necessary for moral action? (Or obedience..)

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I really don’t think about Hell or that consequence when I die. I do try to live in a way that would please God, though. Not for fear of punishment, but to be someone He would be proud of.

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