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Where would you draw the line between an old guy and a geezer?

Asked by elbanditoroso (25732points) 1 month ago

What are geezerish qualities?

What’s the female equivalent of a geezer?

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80 for men, 85 for women.
Geezerish qualities?? Probably weird odors!

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Geezer can’t control his urine and poo, and geezers have gray hair coming out of their ears and nostrils.

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A gait that threatens immediate collapse.
Reliance on walking sticks, rollators or wheelchairs.
Spending minutes at the checkout, sifting through their wallet for exact change.

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There’s one simple test. Pants are belted halfway up their chests.

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Nose hair.

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I think you draw the line at the boundaries of Great Britain. Any old guy can be called a geezer there.
For me, a geezer has some unusual traits about him….quirky.

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I’ve decided that geezer is more about disposition than age. Geezer to me means old AND disagreeable. I was a geezer at 40

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@jca2 Just because one cannot control his bladder does not mean he is old..lots of people of all ages have infections of this type. Probably old people who have NOT got proper medical treatments fall under that category erroneously ?

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When shouting “Hey kids, get off my lawn” is not a joke!

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Etymology for “geezer” probably alternate of Scots “Guiser” ..meaning one in disguise.
Which probably described a bum on the street of which they would look out of the ordinary.

In present day I think it describes one who happens to be older ( depends on the group) than the others and or is eccentric ,loud, obnoxious,drunk,unreasonable person who frequently yells at others on the street and neighborhoods.

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Ooh – I just viewed another “tell.” When you wear knee high dark socks with shorts.

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@janbb – damn… I had better go change socks.

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Thank the gods my socks are white.

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^^ I’m looking at you guys!

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Grey facial stubble.
Unwashed shirt not properly tucked in.
Smell of stale alcohol.
No woman within a 20 to 25 yard radius.
Grey unkempt hair slightly greasy looking.
Gravelly voice.
Nicotine stained fingers.

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^^ I hope that isn’t how I’ll recognize you!

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It comes pretty close but I’ll try and tuck my shirt in.

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^ You tucking that shirt into those pants that are belted halfway to your chest?

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Maybe I’d better stick with my imagining you as William Wallace or Robbie Burns. :-P

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I’d draw the line in the sand.

A female geezer is a geezunda, from the Greek for division.

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Old guys don’t talk about their problems.
Geezers will talk about their gas problem in a public restaurant to no one in particular.

Old guys are safe drivers.
Geezers will drive 25 mph on the freeway and also drive 25 mph in a parking lot.

Old guys are still active and healthy.
Geezers just talk about when they were active and healthy.

Old guys are cool.
Geezers are old fools.

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I mean, a “geezer” over here is a bloke of any age who thinks of himself as a bit of a rogue, a chancer.
Nothing at all to do with being old, that would be a “codger” or maybe even an “old git”

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We are getting SCHOOLED here!

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A geezer to me is a guy who has definitely been around the block a few times. A young guy is never going to qualify as a proper geezer.

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