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Was your "first time" bad, or good?

Asked by MattxAmber (110points) August 25th, 2008

Yet again, a random question that I find entertaining.

Mine, was like I dunno, ok, but I love the boy who I lost it too, but I wish it could have been a better situation.

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yeah, it was good, it was after seeing episode III, so yeah, the saga was complete and it was time for something new…

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Not bad, Horrible! Thankfully things have become a lot better since then!

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I feel so young all of a sudden. Why, I wonder.

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It wasn’t amazing, but it was good. We looked into it a bit before we ventured down the path, so we did better than expected.

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@enzoX24: Are you serious. You researched it first? Should I ask how, or would I regret that?

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It was mostly me laying in bed while my girlfriend said “Hey, this looks cool we should try this” and my replying “Ok, can we do it yet?”

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It was a little awkward at first since it was with a good friend of mine’s mom. It was still real good though. Especially for her.

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@Read this questioner’s profile and the date he rejoined.. Someone out there is still bored and wasting his creative talents by wasting our time.

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Gail, let it go, its a harmless question. And besides, we all started somewhere.

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True. But the question doesn’t seem like it is aimed to irritate anyone. It could just be a legit new user. Hell, I’m sure I posted some useless topics when I first started.

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@Enzo: Jimmy the Greek gives bad odds on this guy. We’ll see.

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Gail rocks! She’s so funny! Wake up fluther!

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Who doesn’t love Gail?!
Well, besides this guy…

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Call me wishful, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. But go against me after I defend you and Mr. Screwdriver and I will tear you a new asshole.

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The name Amber Criss evokes ambergris: “A waxy grayish substance formed in the intestines of sperm whales and found floating at sea or washed ashore. It is added to perfumes to slow down the rate of evaporation.”

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Ahh, good catch Gail…I never would have cought that!
…considering the fact that I didn’t even know what that was…

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@Fly: when you are forced choose to read Moby Dick (wait until you are at least 35), You’ll be ahead of the class.

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@Gail; Well, waiting until I’m thirty-five isn’t an option…unfortunately that last thing I heard, it was on our high school’s required reading list for one English class or another…but I’ll just be ahead of the class even earlier. =)

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Woah, woah, woah.
Was it that bad to ask that question?
Geez, I wasn’t trying to irritate anyone, I was just bored, and thought I’d ask a useless question like this.

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[mod says]: There is nothing wrong with this question.

May I remind you, collective, that there is a Flag As… button to report suspected duplicate accounts—our moderators are quite adept at rooting them out. The witch-hunt recently of “duplicate accounts” is not acceptable in the public space.

May I also remind you that if a question is not up to your standards, you may use “your fluther” to filter the content on the site. If that feature doesn’t meet your needs, feel free to use the “contact” button to let us know so we may improve it.

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@gail, I got the whaling reference, too! Yay literature!
There is a whole chapter in Moby Dick about Ambergriss. mmmm.

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@enzo. Romantic eh.

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It was mostly a situation at a dance, Girl: want to get of here, Me: yeah = waking up one morning confused but happy.

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[I don’t count being raped at nine]

Mine was wonderful. My boyfriend, gave me space, said it wasn’t important, when I was ready, he’d be ready. Let me lead, was gentle and caring, took his time, had a slow hand, ummmmmm…yes, my 1st time was GREAT!!! But I waited for it.

I married that man!

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My first time could have only been better had I been in love.. I was 18 and good friends with the guy, who was caring and gentle. I was ready for it and it was really pleasurable. I’m glad I was mature enough and that he was my first (that I hadn’t lost it to any of the earlier boneheads I’d fooled around with).

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It was a little awkward, but not bad. It was with my girlfriend at the time, who had experience, so that was helpful for sure!

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It was ok. It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t pleasurable

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@Violet then do it again :p

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oh we did, for many years

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