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Can wasabi be dangerous to your health and in what way?

Asked by Aster (19546points) May 22nd, 2019

I bought a tube of wasabi and it felt like my ears and brain were on fire when trying it. I like it a lot but can it be dangerous and possibly used for population reduction?

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Depends on each body. It can be harmful or beneficial. I love it and most spicy foods, no issues here.

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I doubt it would be worse than any other type of mustard or radish.

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That feeling is caused by a gaseous chemical in wasabi that quickly enters the nasal passages. It has an effect similar to smelling salts, and unlike capsaicin, the feeling goes away much more quickly. I don’t know it to be harmful, but it can be unpleasant.

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I’ve seen idiots snort it. That can result in a trip to the ER. It’s probably no fun to get in your eyes either.

I love the stuff. Try Wasabi Peas. They’re usually not actually made with Wasabi, but horseradish, and other ingredients that replicate it pretty well.

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