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Do people use Word instead of Powerpoint as a habit or for another reason?

Asked by flo (12901points) May 22nd, 2019

The people who choose Word I mean, I don’t mean most choose Word, I don’t know if that’s the case. And what’s good to know about Powerpoint?

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Completely different tools for completely different reasons.

Powerpoint is for presentations, lessons, etc.

Word is for writing and editing documents.

It isn’t a question of habit. It is a matter of choosing the right tool for the job you have to do.

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@flo but that isn’t the actual writing, that is idea generation and crafting. Even if he uses ppt. for most of the typing, it isn’t the final drafts before printing.

Almost all of my writing at work is document creation for submission to the US Government. So I write in Word.

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@zenvelo He chooses Powerpoint, instead of Word to prepare before printing.

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I don’t use Powerpoint at all, because I don’t want to make presentations, and I don’t want to learn it.

I avoid using Word too these days, because Microsoft annoyingly changed the UI in ways I dislike, and want to charge subscription fees for it. I use LibreOffice / OpenOffice Writer. the free and mostly-not-annoying word processor.

Or Notepad++.

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I was top of my class in Powerpoint and can’t stand the program. When I do Rotary meeting sheets or anything, I always use Word. Much more user-friendly and less time-consuming.

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I love them all.

I use Powerpoint to make presentations.

I use Word to type stuff up. I also use Word as an image manipulator. It ain’t no Photoshop, but you can do an extraordinary number of things with your pictures in Word.

For everything else I use Excell, which is my favorite program.

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Some good answers prior, I agree with them all.

I teach children (you could call most of them that…) and I always use Word to prepare the lesson brief and scroll down to show them the next question/nuget of learning, etc.

Much quicker for me to use Word to do this than to use PowerPoint, but when I presented an assembly recently I did use PowerPoint as it’s much nicer for the audience with its fancy transitions, animations, etc.

(Also, on Word, I find I can more easily edit and prepare what’s on the sheet to print whereas PowerPoint doesn’t always print as I want it to look.)

Overall, Word = quicker to use, PowerPoint = fancier to look at.

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They are two completely different programs with two completely different functions.

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