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How was your first day of high school experience?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) August 25th, 2008

I just barely survived my first day of high school, and got to thinking; what was your first day of high school like?

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Dude, I had my first day of college today. High school was as easy as taking a dump compared to this.

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college isnt that bad just keep your head in the game.

My first day of high school was horrible. My brother pulled a horrible prank on me the night before and long story short I ended up having to shave my head and go to school bald!

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@jkainz; Did he shave a message into your hair or something?! That must have reallly sucked!

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no he got me drunk and shaved a HUGE stripe in the middle of my head

Were a very loving family:)

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Ohh, wow…that’s pretty bad! Did they at least let you wear a hat?

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Ouch! That must’ve really sucked…lurve to make it better! =)

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I wish I could comment, but I cant right now. How about on September 2nd?

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It was great. I loved high school… First day of college on the other hand.. In the city, windy, rainy, cold, soaked, and lost all day. It was terrible.

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I was a wreck on the first day of everything; grammar school, jr. high, high school, college, marriage, and jobs (all of which turned out fine).

When I was in the Education business, I had a stomach ache on the first day of school, (year after year) and I was the grownup. All my teacher friends said the same thing.

The first day home with my first child -a nightmare (and I had already learned how to nurse.) I was awake every half hour to check that he was still breathing.) And my first 24 hours with Milo the Elder was worse,

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My first day of high school was awful. We had an ‘Orientation day’ which was basically just an introduction to the school. My friend and I however thought it was a special day and that you got dressed up for (kind of like a graduation) so I wore my best outfit with the only pair of heels I had. They were plastic. My friend was dressed up too but my heels were the real attention grabbers. Our ‘proud’ mothers stupidly did not advise us otherwise. We were stared at and teased all day by the other kids and spent our recesses hiding in a courtyard together. I think it scarred me for life! Lol

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first day of highschool was awsome for me! I had the perfect classes, all my friends were on them, nice teachers, and I had lunch with my best friends. After school my friend drove us around and we smoked some reefers. Fun fun fun!

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I barely got expelled, (had an argument with the headmaster)
Got into a fight (huge bruise in my left eye)
Somebody stole my cd player and a book

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@flameboi; I am really trying, but what does “I barely got expelled” mean? Do you mean, “I almost got expelled”?

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yes, I almost got expelled, sorry, my bad… I had a bike accident over the weekend, my head still hurts

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@Flame: Bike accident AND fight at school AND argument with the Headmaster-not a good week, it seems. Did you get a head x-ray for subdural hematoma? Were you wearing a helmet.?

(I was married to a Headmaster for over 20 years. In all that time, no student ever got into a serious argument with him – of course, being 6’5” and wearing size 14 shoes helped)

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My headmaster said “finally, you and your friends are leaving this place” when my friends and I graduate just imagine
About my bike accident, it happened last sunday, as a former irresponsible bmx biker, I was not wearing any kind of protection gear (does my super duper jeans count?), 3 dogs came out of nowhere and try to bite me, I was going fast, we were in a secondary road…
The result:
3 hours in an emergency room
X-rays [left hip, right wrist, left arm & thorax]
Minor injuries and a huge bruise
No broken bones

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@flameboi; Did your parents compound things by throttlng you? I had a son and three step-sons like that. I spent more time in the ER than in the classroom.

Do you feel less immortal now? Enquiring minds want to know.

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My mom thinks I’m in my second childhood (playing videogames, eating unhealthy amounts of chocolate, gettings cd’s, I even got a new pair of vans after 7 years! and a bike!)
Less immortal, nope, I guess I’m as vulnerable as a glass in a tennis court, maybe I just want to feel more alive lately (I have problems facing that I’m getting old)

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So, how do you define old? (Remember whom you are speaking to.)

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After you turn 25, you start going downhill
Not all of you, but, let’s say, you are not a kid anymore, I know every period in your life has its magic, but now I feel like I’m not able to do many, many things I used to and love to do…
As you get old, like wine, things get better, because you are a wiser person, and you see life from a nicer point of view, is like harvest time.
I’m just not ready to

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25 eh?I am speechless, even though I still have all my teeth and body parts.

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Why are you speechless Gail? I do have all my teeth and body parts too :)

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Because you consider having turned 25 as making you feel limited and no longer a carefree youth.

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