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Does anyone know a GOOD website that explains the meaning or etymology of given ("first") names?

Asked by Yellowdog (7370points) 1 month ago

Some of these websites / lists read more like descriptions of zodiac signs. A list of ultra-positive and extremely general traits such as that people with such-and-so name attract money and like to multi-task well and are vivacious with buoyancy, and describe just about anyone.

Other websites say your first name, which lets say is actually Dutch in origin, is also Sanscrit, Burmese, Japanese, ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, and Aztec—and lists what this one said name means in all these ancient and multifarious cultures.

How about, then, a website that lists the ACTUAL origin of given names and what they mean? No gooshy compliments or zodiac descriptions of what you must be like if you’re named this. You used to be able to find some of this in a common dictionary. But they are hard to come by.

Can anyone suggest any good websites for actual names and their actual meanings?

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I can’t vouch for them (and how would one even know if it’s a “good” site or not?) but here is this

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