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If your sense of smell is out of order, and the food doesn't look bad, is there a test of finding out if it's bad?

Asked by flo (12084points) 1 month ago

Of course if in doubt throw it out, is a given. But if you just arrived in a city where you don’t know anyone to ask to smell the food you carried with you, (a huge amount of expensive food) what is the alternative to throwing it out? Is there some way of testing it? As in If you add something to it (or you put a small amount of it in something), if turns (or doesn’t) dot dot dot, it means dot dot dot

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Check the best before date.

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@RedDeerGuy1 This is not about an unopened packeaged food item.
How do you test the home or homish cooked food?

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@flo I guess then you need to try the texture of the food. If its slippery or hard.

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Also your body will react if it is bad, and you will hurl.

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Good idea @RedDeerGuy. What if it’s not quite as bad as when it’s slippery, but it’s still bad.
Re. your body will react, I don’t think I want to take a chance. That reminds me of the wasp sting, I ‘ll post a question.

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Feed some to the dog. If the dog pukes or falls over dead, don’t eat any of it.

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If anything is discolored or slimy it’s a no go.

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My girlfriend who was in the golf cart accident with me permanently lost her sense of smell from her brain injury. People as they age can start to lose they’re sense of smell just like they lost hearing and eye sight. Smell is very important for the very reason you state, it helps us not poison ourselves with bad food.

Some foods visibly change as they go bad, like you see mold growing on it, or the color of the food changes, but without the ability to smell you could easily miss that something has gone bad. When you taste it, it will hopefully taste off, but smell is a large part of how we taste. My girlfriend lost her ability to smell and taste in the accident. She keeps everything very clean, worried her house might smell when someone visits. It never does.

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Indeed there is, get your butler to taste test first.

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Taste it – small bite

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@Inspired_2write I was looking there is a tester (I thought I heard there is a strip or something.)
@elbanditoroso I suppose. ..The only thing is If it’s first time eating that dish no way of knowing if you don’t like the taste or if it’s spoiled.

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