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So what's the deal with the original soupman?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) August 25th, 2008

the soup nazi recently invaded our downtown. i was overjoyed, since soup is one of my favorite food groups. sadly, no one has anything nice to say about the service or the food. is this true at all locations or are they just having a bumpy opening?

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You expected good service from the Soup Nazi?

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umm..soup is good. (strong period)

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Oooh! Where is it? Short North?

I love that episode :D

Anyway, I’m sure it’s got to be a difficult franchise to set up. Soups are more particular than, say, burgers.

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@enzo: not from the nazi himself, but perhaps his underlings would be more service oriented. i guess they’re friendly, just not competent or speedy. the soup tastes frozen and all the sandwiches are pre-made. and it’s pricey.

@trumi: it’s the corner of north high and broad st downtown. in the building with the new nbc4 studios. it’ll be next to the dunkin donuts when they move in. mmm…donuts…

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Little further south than I tend to go, but I’ll take the bus.

I Googled it, and Columbus Alive said that at least some of the soups were really good. I’ll check it out and try to get back to you. Maybe Lefteh will go with me…

Cool idea anyway!

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i know! i’ve been meaning to get over there. but as much as i love soup…who opens a soup shop in july? i mean really!

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I’ve been out of town for a while, so I need to hit up all my local favorites. Pochi’s Bubble Tea, Coney Island, Northstar, and of course Betty’s! But Soupman will join the list.

Sorry to all the people that don’t care about Columbus, but I’m so excited for some good eats!

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Have you seen this article?

August 26, 2008, 4:06 AM EDT

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Soup has to be tasty in case the soup has ben made instantly I don t eat.

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@trumi: i know! it is very exciting. not sure that it counts as good eats, but we’re rumored to get a jack in the box next year. i’m not big on fast food, but i like to try new places. it’s a little far for you, but i went to barcelona (german village) a couple weeks ago for the first time. food’s fantastic and the patio is gorgeous!

@jackadams: great article. he is quite a character! i guess i really shouldn’t be too surprised about the soup being frozen, since it would need to live up to his standards.

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My new favorite restaurant is Thai Taste
Great Thai curries, good Chinese menu too.

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