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What are the things you were certain you have forgotten and will never remember yet a few seconds later your brain spits out the right info?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25050points) May 24th, 2019 from iPhone

For example names of people and places in the past that you were sure there’s no way you’ll recall and yet your brain does!

Earlier a friend asked me the name of Tom Cruise’s leading lady in the film The Firm and could have sworn I have no idea whatsoever. Not even a wild guess. Though I’ve seen her in maybe two other films I never bothered to remember her name.

For sure I read the name long ago, otherwise how else would I blurt out Jeanne Triplehorn a few seconds after I said there’s no chance I would know?

Apparently my brain did.

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As I have gotten older, this kind of thing is not at all unusual. The strangest thing is when the memory does not come soon after but later in the day when I am not even trying to recall it.

Here is the latest example. I was thinking of old television shows. I got stuck on the name of the show, The Facts of Life. I was never much of a fan. It was an okay show, but geared more towards women. I just could not think of the show’s name or the names of the actors or the names of their characters. All of a sudden I recalled that one of the people on the show was Nancy McKeon. Where that name came from I could not tell you. I did a Web search for McKeon and found the name of the show.

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