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What's your favorite website other than Fluther?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) August 25th, 2008

In your opinion, what’s one of the best sites out there and why?

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I know, I know…so hard to choose…Fluther was right on the top of your list…

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Penny Arcade

If you are into the whole gaming culture and even if you like humor, these guys have one of the funniest webcomics on the internet.

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Ok so the link to Penny Arcade didn’t work, I guess. Here’s a new one:

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iRovr is a social networking site created for the iPhone.

Much like Fluther, it has grown tremendously in the past year. But the creator and members have managed to work through it. Members are over 18, and can customize and filter the content in different ways. It’s a very, very diverse group from around the globe, and we’re like family.

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I’m on facebook like 24/7

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Penny Arcade is good, but I like Ctrl+Alt+Del better

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Maybe that link didnt work.

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I also really enjoy NotAlwaysRight

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@PnL; That is excellent! Thanks for the link.

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@trumi – always happy to encourage other visitors to that site. the stories on there make my day :)

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it’s great for checking out digg, lifehacker, reddit, delicious, and a bunch of others all at once. It has the “Best of the Web.”

Plus, he also has GREAT video tutorials for doing lots of cool computer things.

It’s definitely worth checking out. It’s my homepage :)

arcoarena's avatar is also great to check everyday for sweet deals on random things. one deal a day!

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i really like
it’s really cool, you email the creator/artist a creative title, and then he creates artwork based on it!
i got featured once! my title was “do you remember?”

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I’m so addicted to it

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XKCD – genius web comic.
Savage Chickens – another class web comic drawn on post-it notes, about chickens..
NotCot – creative inspiration across a variety of disciplines.
PopURLs – what’s hot and… that’s it.

Vincentt's avatar or, can’t decide…

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Google, GMail and Tumblr

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Google, Gmail, wiki, and this forum.(but thats just cause im a fish nerd)

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Google Reader

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Hello Kitty Hell – my daily absurdity and giggle!

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Merriam-Webster on line….can’t help it. I like words…

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@uberbatman – which wiki? ;-)

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@vincentt heh someone caught that. I go to a bunch of different ones and didnt feel like listing them all.

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@uberbatman – now that you mention it, besides all the useful wiki’s out there, Uncyclopedia is a wonderful Wikipedia parody :)

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Google, and the Onion.

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google reader and facebook

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Rotten Tomatoes

The review scores are much more reliable than the likes of IMDb, I find.

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