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Rock Band 2, or Guitar Hero World Tour?

Asked by Nathanael (289points) August 25th, 2008

Say you have around $200 sitting around, and You wanted one of these games. Which one would you get?

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guitar hero. Hands down. Look up the songs. It’s AMAZING

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Guitar Hero looks over all better, but Rock Band has Spoonman by Soundgarden. I LOVE that song!

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Rock Band 2.

Nothing like rocking out with friends.

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you can do that in the new guitar hero..there’s drums and mics and all that jazz

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I’d have to say.
Guitar Hero.

Just Rock Band is a bleeeh sorta thing.

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more MTV poppy kinda shit. But the dlc is sweet for it

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nathanael nathanael nathanael… the answer is obvious… buy both!

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exactly, why choose ?

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