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What happens when you breed a Black Lab with Yellow Lab?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) August 25th, 2008

Will it make a chocolate lab puppy? Or will is just be ether yellow or black?

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True story, I got blue.

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You usually get Black and Yellows. Recessive and Dominant genes and all that…

To get a Chocolate, I suggest taking a Yellow Lab, six pounds of melted dark chocolate, and a pulley system….

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wow six pounds. That’s alot of yummy

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Bumblebee Labrador! Savage beast of the Newfoundland coasts!

I’m not sure what the outcome would be colour-wise but it would for sure be cute.

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Sooo what do you get if you have a regular Fluther smart-ass bred with my foot in his ass?

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A Frizzer!

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a problem…

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A very painful poo

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true that

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This is what happens:

“Genes often interact with one another. The term epistasis is applied to cases in which one gene alters the expression of another gene that is independently inherited. In Labrador retriever dogs one gene locus is involved with production of melanin pigment: B (black) and b (brown) are its two alleles. Another gene locus determines whether the melanin produced is actually deposited in individual hairs as they grow (E) or not deposited (e). Any dog with at least one dominant allele B and one dominant allele E will be a black Labrador. A dog with the homozygous recessive bb and at least one dominant E will be a lighter, chocolate Labrador. If a dog has the homozygous ee genotype it will be a yellow Labrador, regardless of the alleles at the pigment locus.”

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Generally yellow ones and black ones. Mixture, occasionally all one or the other. Never had a brown one out of six litters, three of which had different coloured parents.

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