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Has any else been having problems with email on their iPhones?

Asked by janbb (56598points) May 28th, 2019

Sometimes it will say “This message has no content” but if I open it on my desktop, it’s fine. And I just sent a message with content to a colleague and she got the “this message has no content” message.

Any thoughts as to why this is happening?

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Just guessing,because I know nothing about smart phones, but is there a chance you might be hacked?

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@SQUEEKY2 No, nothing to do with that but thanks for the thought.

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Can’t recall having that issue. Mine is not being able to send emails to my own Yahoo account some of the time. Too lazy to try and find out why.

But best guess with your problem is it could be “settings” related. Email account settings and/or I-phone email settings. Sorry, too vague I know.

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Oh well hope ya find the answer.

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What is the mail server? Who is your ISP? What you’re seeing suggests that the mail server is having problems.

That happens with me (on Comcast) about once a month.

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I’m not having any problems today, but I haven’t been doing very much texting, just a few messages this afternoon.

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@elbanditoroso I have gmail and Verizon. When the person I was sending to opened my email on her computer, it was fine. Don’t know what her ISP and phone are but it has happened on mine as well.

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@JLeslie Not texting – email.

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Oh, that’s my mistake. I thought I read the word “message” so I assumed text. As far as I can tell my emails have been fine also. I have gmail and Sprint.

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If it is an iPhone I have had some luck turning on airplane mode to reset the cellular/WiFi.

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