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Is "cynical" the opposite of "innocent"? If not what is it?

Asked by flo (13313points) May 28th, 2019

As asked.

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Open minded.

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Innocent is one of several antonyms of cynical. But it may not be the best antonym; naive might be better. Of perhaps trusting, or optimistic.

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The opposite of “innocent:” accusation, guilt, harm, illegality, impurity, sin, uncleanness.
The opposite of “cynical:” believing, non-skeptical, unsuspicious.
(I had difficulty understanding if you meant the opposite of innocent OR cynical.)
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I would say worldly or sophisticated are two opposites of innocent.
And gullible or trusting are some opposites of cynical.

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@kritiper I don’t understand Innocent (adjective /a person) ” antonyms are ”” accusation, guilt, harm, illegality, impurity, sin, uncleanness.”

@janbb So, sophisticated and wordly people are cynical people? I’ve always heard “cynical” being used as a negative though.

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No, I’m saying that cynical is not the opposite of innocent. And that the other words are more closely opposite to it.

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@janbb Ok, I’m thinking….

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If cynical a is bad thing to be then, the opposites being guillible and trusting are good thing to be?

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I don’t think being bad or good is what sets them apart. Being cynical is not necessarily bad , being trusting is not necessarily good. They’re just opposite ways of looking at the world.

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I’m thinking, ...It’s too hard.

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It is very subtle.

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How do the adjectives sophisticated and worldly come into the two words innocent and cynical, in whatever way?

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@RedDeerGuy1 I was thinking about your answer:“open minded” the opposite of cynical. What is the opposite of innocent?

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@flo Guilty is the opposite of innocent.

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Guilty is the main opposite of innocent.

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“Cynical” is not the synonym of innocent but it’s antonym.

In fact, cynical is the state of distrustful of human sincerity or integrity and innocent is a pure,
guileless, or naive person….

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One might suggest that a cynical perspective might consider innocence an opposite of cynicism, but that an innocent perspective might not share that perspective.

There could be any number of different self-consistent perspectives on that.

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@RedDeerGuy1 innocent in the other sense.
@shiyaverma why do you think any post says cynical is the synonym of innocent ?
@Zaku I’m thinking.

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Not necessarily. It depends on context. Typically, the opposite of “innocent” would be “guilty” or “intentional.” “Cynical” also counts as an antonym, though. It’s not standard, but it’s not wrong either. For instance, if one is being tried in court as a criminal, the opposite would be guilty. At the same time, if one is involved in a civil trial (as in, civil law), prosecution may call the defendant “cynical,” which amounts to guilt. If that makes sense. In other words, you can be innocent or guilty if it comes to a murder trial. On the other hand, you can be innocent yet cynical when it comes to civil case.

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There may not be an exact antonym for cynical. It is not just that cynics question the truth of what people say, but that they tend to believe that people take stands based on self-interest. The opposite of that would be people who believe that nobody ever takes a stand based on self-interest. Such people do not exist.

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I think the term “innocent” is being taken out of desired context. Like “THE innocent” as a child/children or group of people/victims. So the opposite might be “the abused,” “the downtrodden,” “the accused,” something like that. And I could be wrong. More detail as to what the OP means by “innocent” is required. (The OP refers to “the other sense,” whatever that is and/or means.)

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1)Innocent” “not guilty of a crime or offense.” The OP is not about that.
2)Innocent ”..a pure, guileless, or naive person.” About is that.
I think @LostInParadise Very interesting.

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Although it can be difficult to find exact synonyms and antonyms for a word, these are the opposites for innocent:
(1) Innocent (Not guilty or a crime or offence) – Guilty.
(2) Innocent (Pure or naïve) – Corrupted
However innocent CAN be seen as the opposite to “Cynical”, but generally a closer antonym would be “Trusting”.

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Something to think about @English_Wizard.

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