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Would a "Back To The Top" button be something that would make Fluther better?

Asked by TheVaal (157points) May 28th, 2019

I have difficulty scrolling. Once I have got to the bottom of the page a “Back To The Top” button would be a useful feature for me. I am wondering if there are others in the same position.

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“Alt + up arrow” will return to top. Must be out of yellow answer box.

MAC users it is the “cmd” key instead of “Alt”.

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For me, CTRL+Home takes me to the top & CTRL+End takes me to the bottom. My ALT+Arrow key seems to go nowhere. I also can’t do it if my cursor is still in the yellow answer box. I’m using an HP Envy laptop with Win10 if that makes any difference.

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I think it would be helpful, especially on the mobile app.

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@KNOWITALL Get a “Bluetooth” keyboard.

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@Tropical_Willie Got one, just the mobile app on the phone is a pain.

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Use “Desktop” version on your phone.

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@Tropical_Willie But then I can’t see Social or Meta, only General. Getting a new phone soon, maybe it will help.

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The opportunity to make Fluther better has long since passed.

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Thank you @LadyMarissa! A back to the top button would still be the easiest as I use a touch screen. The Crtl+Home & Ctrl+End are the next best thing. Thanks for the tip.

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On iOS you can tap the bar at the top that contains the time and battery status and it will scroll you to the top in both Safari and Firefox.

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