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Should we import more wild animals to America?

Asked by Yellowdog (8027points) 2 months ago

I recently heard a news story where a young woman on an African safari was attacked by a hippopotamus, which capsized their boat and severely bit her leg.

It made me wonder, why do people have to go on safaris to see these animals, or confine them to zoos.

In America, all we have are bears, ‘gators and a few miscellaneous wild pigs and a few vicious felines.

Why can’t we have more of these animals, perhaps imported, into our wilderness and our communities, as others in other parts of the world do?

Imagine your daughter walking home from school and telling about the lovely heard of zebras she encountered. Or, seeing a lion by the mailbox and being afraid to go out and get the mail but being awed by its majesty. Or, having to put up the garden tools and children’s tricycle because monkeys have been coming to take them, having watched us all day using these items.

Or that an ostrich, an emu, or lama followed your son home from school and your son tried really hard to not make it mad,

What would life be like in America if we imported some of these animals normally only seen in zoos and on safaris?

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~Send more. The last ones where delicious.

Prisoners, and not animals, should be examined and put on display to find out the motivation of the reason that they commit crines.
That way they can start to pay back society and we learn how to prevent future crimes.

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Or course not.
If you want to live dangerous, and under constant fear of getting killed at any moment, just go to school

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A doctor that works in my hospital is from Africa. She told me there are towns that are hundreds of miles apart with nothing in between. But people who live there know better than to stop for any reason because of the lions. They will, and have, attacked and killed without provocation.
And I know the idiots in the US can’t resist provoking wild animals.

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In the early 1900’s there was an active attempt to introduce hippos into the swamp lands of the American South so as to become a new staple meat.

But what you are asking about is introducing invasive species. And you can ask the Australians how that went with rabbits, and consider that New Zealand is considering a ban on cats. And ask the people of Guam how they are getting along with brown tree snakes.

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Generally speaking I am against importing new fauna or flora of any kind, including insects. I think we can’t always forecast what these new plants and animals will do to the ecosystem.

Our cherry trees gifted from Japan are beautiful, I love cherry blossom time of year in DC, but I’m very upset about Africanized bees, and I understand there is a fish that is now overproducing in some rivers of ours that are swimming up to the Great Lakes, and Kudzu is covering forests in America now.

I think we need to be very careful and a little paranoid.

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A lovely thought but they would all be shot dead within a fortnight.

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@flutherother Agreed. Our state tried to re-introduce elk herds and we’ve had people kill them, too.

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In the long run, it might be cheaper to just shoot them where they are.

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This is obviously a satiric question as huge pythons take over the Southern United States, and venomous deadly “escaped” Australian spiders and snakes proceed with infesting the Everglades.

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@stanleybmanly Don’t forget the wild boars that are getting to be EVERYWHERE as well as the monitor (a large pleurodont) lizard in those Everglades.

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@kritiper All the redneck boys are hoping to get a boar hunting season with those rising numbers. Seriously.

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Congress is full though yeah?

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@KNOWITALL As bad as it’s getting, a hunting season isn’t needed. These things are spreading and multiplying like wildfire! A bounty is needed to get people to go out and kill these things.

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