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How does an old bankruptcy affect future loan applications?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31591points) May 29th, 2019

In my days of unrecovered mental illness, I could not work, nor could I pay my bills. I took refuge by filing bankruptcy 15 years ago. Since then, I have rebuilt my credit and now have an excellent rating. I have obtained 2 personal loans without incident. They didn’t even ask about past bankruptcies on the applications.

I am wondering about future loan applications and specifically a home loan. Will they ask about bankruptcy, and will one that old have any bearing?

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It’s not supposed to. They are supposed to be wiped from your report ten years after being settled. So you should be just fine.

They won’t ask for info about bankruptcy – it’s illegal to do so. And your credit file won’t show it. And even if somehow it did show up (credit companies have been known to make errors) – you have 15 years of successful money handling since then.

If nothing else, you should get a copy of your report and go over it in detail just to be positive.

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Exactly, after seven years it was wiped off my credit rating report etc And I secured credit cards easy.
As explained to me then Banks and Loans companies realize that people make fininancail mistakes and shouldn’t be blacklisted but forgiven.

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