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Why does it seem that black people are more likely to find violence funny or something to be proud of?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44181points) May 30th, 2019

One of my sons by another mother and father (he’s black) posted a video that shows a little kid, maybe 3, in a high chair. A women, I’m guess the child’s grand mother, goes to feed him a spoonful of mashed potatoes. He didn’t want them. The woman grabbed a stuffedbear she had on hand, acted like she was feeding it to the toy…then beat the ever loving shit out of the toy. The shock and fear on the child’s face was heart breaking…and the grandmother is laughing so hard she can hardly breath.
My son by another mother and father, and his wife, found it hilarious too.

I shared it on the Tidepool page, and they expressed dismay over the number of people who found it funny, according to the comments…..but everyone who answered was white.

Below are a couple of those comments:

“Look at Lil Jake’s face when she was beating the toy. LOL!”

“What a picker upper! I viewed this twice. Let me hit that share button this is so so funny!!!”

“BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Blackparenting”

What is really odd is he and his wife are two of the nicest, most gentle people I have ever known in my life.

Another time he posted a video of several black girls beating the shit out of one black girl….again they found it funny, and somehow admired the whole fight.

What am I missing?

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I do not accept the premise of this question.

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This question is grotesquely racist.

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You guys! It is not. This not the first time he has posted something violent as though it was funny. Read the comments in the video. A lot of people found it hilarious and I don’t understand it.

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This question is absurd and racist. Rethink this.

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Think about all the action movies, violent video games, slap-stick comedies, people-getting-hurt funny video compilations, violent sports, and realise that they appeal to all demographics equally.

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Completely racist premise. Your small pool of friends does not speak for everyone.

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Sorry it does sound a bit on the racist side.
She scared the child into eating his potatoes it was a bit extreme, as for funny I didn’t think was at all but a lot of people might,and dealing with stubborn children sometimes one has to take drastic measures it did work,and the child didn’t come to harm.

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Ever see Jackass? That’s a bunch of white boys doing a bunch of violent stunts for laughs. I’m white and I laughed at that shit. So did many of my white friends.

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I’m sorry, but I found the video one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. It is probably a terrible thing to do to a kid, but I don’t think the tactic worked because the kid was terrified. In fact, it looks to me that in his confusion on what just happened he forgot to play his lockjaw game. It looks like he opened his mouth almost reflexively as the wheels turn in his little head. There’s no question that it’s a horrible lesson on how to get your way. I wonder what the mom’s reaction would be if the next time she goes to feed the kid, he insists that she beat the hell out of the stuffed animal? I also disagree with your conclusion that only black people would find the video funny.

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I’ve never noticed any sort of race thing when it comes to this sort of thing. Plenty of white people have crappy senses of humor. Plenty of white people torment their kids and think it’s funny. It really bothers me.

I HATE Jackass, and tons of people like it.

@stanleybmanly I think you might be right that the kid was just opening his mouth reflexively, and not afraid, but maybe thinking, what the hell crazy lady? Lol.

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It’s like when I say I want to kill somebody, but I don’t. The context of the idea can be hilarious! I don’t think the concept applies to any particular person, but any and every one in general.

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@Dutchess III I keep going back to the video & I’ve forwarded it around for reactions. So far, I’ve gotten howls of laughter from 2 men and my daughter. I’m waiting for my son & daughter in law. But Dutch, don’t take it so hard. Funnier than that video is the idea of YOU with racist tendencies. If you look at that little boy, you can see rather clearly that he’s never seen anything like that before, and that woman is trying her damnedest to hide the fact that she’s tickled to death from the kid. But you’re absolutely right about it being an awful thing to do to a kid.

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Egad. @Dutchess_lll is not a racist.

I know I’m not the one any of you guys would want defending you. But she @Dutchess_lll is everything BUT a racist and is only inquiring about what she saw/experienced herself.

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No one is calling @Dutchess_lll racist. Her premise was racist. She was using a small pool of people to come to her conclusion. People can make racist or homophobic comments without realizing it even though they aren’t racist or homophobic. We are telling her that what she said is wrong and inappropriate. She’s smart enough to take our words to heart and learn from her mistake. Can’t say the same for our president. just sayin’.

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Well put Stache. It’s the idea of Dutchess as flaming racist that cracks me up. It’s funnier than that clip. It’s like Trump winning the Nobel prize for literature or some other absurdity.

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I’ll let you be the arbitrators of that.

But an observation that involves race is not innately racist,. e.g. why do so many black people use ‘MF” in every sentence. It does not mean ALL black people are this way, or even most. But it IS what we hear everywhere in a crowd of black teenagers and young adults.

You are right to mention Trump, in some sense. Because every mention of race or nationality is made into something racist by the press. Nobody ever called him a racist, of course, until he was running for president against the establishment politicians and their cadre’

Not everything about a way certain individuals of a particular race think or do things is “racist,”

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I’d bet a whole bunch of good ol’ white boys would think it funny as hell, too. So it’s not just a black thing.

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If it is something good ole white boys do, yes.

BTW its done on Fluther all the time, usually in reference to Trump.

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It is something everybody does, or wishes they could do. Consider my first post on this thread.

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My guess would be it stems from a history of persecution.
Possibly it started from first generation free blacks, and when crying or complaining over something were met by laughter from final generation slaves, who knew what real pain is like.

I have nothing on which to base my theory except my own past observations.

This question is indeed racist, but some people wrongly believe that means it is derogatory. The word racist simply means, as it applies to race distinction. Sometimes the distinction is factual sometimes not, and sometimes meant to be mean, and sometimes not.

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@Patty_Melt Racist as defnied is always derogatory.

adjective: racist

1. showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another.

You are defining racism incorrectly.

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In THAT context, yes.

Racism is really just about the study of races. It sounds kinda eugenic, however, and I guess it is. But in and of itself, is a neutral topic.

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Racism is never neutral. It is always deplorable. Always.

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“Racism n. Assumption of inherent racial superiority or the purity and superiority of certain races, and consequent discrimination against other races; also, any doctrine or program of racial domination and discrimination based on such an assumption. Also, less specif., race hatred and discrimination.”
That’s all it says, no other definitions.
Thanks to; Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 1960 ed., G. & C. Merriam Co., publishers, Springfield, Mass., U.S.A.

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I completely disagree with the premise of the q. But I’m also in the “Dutch isn’t a racist” crowd…

Violence, has been a part of entertainment, since, well… ever…

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Asking why black people find violence funny is like asking why black people raise their kids on mashed potato. You shouldn’t read too much into one example.

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That is true, but it is a noticeable trend. I don’t think any behavior is an all inclusive or all exclusive thing, but there are some things which get tagged to certain people for a reason, because there is a majority there.

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Well that video was disturbingly…funny. Lol It’s a stupid joke but brutal and I felt bad for the kid.

My effective technique of feeding kids who refused to eat was to sound excited and happy——- pretend the spoon was an airplane coming in for a landing in their mouths. I make airplane sounds, my arm circling around and then I bring my “plane” to a landing in their now open mouths. Voila.

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