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Did you know that if all the people in China lined up and walked passed you in single file, the line would never end due to the rate of reproduction there?

Asked by overoceans (6points) August 25th, 2008
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Did you Google that?

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did you also no that there is a fine you have to pay to have more than one child in china?

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I made all the people in china ;)

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actually the population in china is lowering, so yeah that isnt true

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That’s fact is not true because the babies wouldn’t be able to walk yet.

but they might be able to perform with the Chinese Gymnastics team

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yeah, plus it be hard to reproduce while walking….

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@simone hahaha!

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@kid lyle

that’s sounds like one of those things that someone will see and say ‘oh yeah, i bet i can do that!’. Then we’ve got a case of the multi-taskers. way to go.

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Marina forgot to mention that “lined up and walked passed you” should be written as, “lined up and walked PAST you.”

August 26, 2008, 3:53 AM EDT

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Hmm Marina,

I guess your site doesn’t like thought provoking questions. Best to move on to a site that does then. Toodaloo.

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