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If life is a "test," is it fair for all?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16448points) June 1st, 2019

Place of birth.
Skin color.
Birth defects.
Parents, and/or family.
Time period.
Acts of nature.

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Pretty much so. Your question assumes a lot, I think. It assumes you are all seeking the same end-point and that we all travel the same path. Life hands us all sorts of challenges along our path and it doesn’t care about skin color or wealth or any of that. Look at Christopher Reeves. Handsome, wealthy, popular, white…and yet in one second, his life was changed forever. He was taken from that to being paralyzed from the waist down. Was that fair? Life doesn’t do that to everyone. Yet Mr. Reeves didn’t give up living. He continued and tried making the best of his situation. That is what we all are challenged with…trying to make the best of our situation.

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@seawulf575 Christopher Reeves was paralyzed from the neck down.

Life isn’t fare. You deal with what you have and accept it.

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Of course not.
Which makes it the responsibility of the human race to make it fair.
Deadly diseases, crime, poverty, inequality, all of those can be considered a “fact of life”.
Yet civilisation did not throw its hands up in the air and just “accepted it”.
No. It fought back. Step by step these things have been driven back, at great cost. But it was worth it.

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Wow @ragingloli – I think I love you! Will wonders never cease?

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Not much of a test if there is no struggle or obstacals

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Life isn’t a test. It isn’t practice either. It is life.

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@zenvelo Well, we do all get a “participation prize” at the end – death!

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No, life is not fair. Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, and get just about everything paid for. The rest of us, not so much.

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If one looks at the biographies of famous people who changed the world in whatever capacity one will discover that from adversity and painful experiences wisdom was learned in so much as the person affected was pained so much so, that they wanted to help mankind by alleviating other peoples pain and help them gain understanding to motivate them to change and accept and overcome as well, just like they did.
From such experiences one can overcome and therefore have empathy for others and hopefully assist those in same of similar experiences.
To answer your question of fair or a test its neither its experiencing and feeling empathy for others too.

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Only for a few privileged souls, the rest of us it’s far from fair but we make the best of it we can.

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^That is a reoccurring position. But it still dodges the meat of the question.

By my understanding of those who are believers, of some sort of faith, there IS a “test,” or meaning of each human life.
I’m trying to get to what the test is, and if it may simply vary, from person to person…
In which case, the “test,” is not a constant, but rather something altogether different.

Yes. This question is of an agnostic/theistic origin… Not my typical atheistic view point…

Mayhaps, I am looking for a more “reincarnation” style of the meaning of individual lives… Or…The idea that there is no meaning/test, at all… Merely circumstance, and/or chaos…

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I’m agnostic but life does resemble a game. You’re dealt a hand and you can play it how you want. Some hands are better than others but “fairness” is not so much a factor. “what did you learn” and “how did you behave” is more of a measure IMO. People dealt poor hands may do better on that front so it’s all relative. Afterlife or not you don’t get to take stuff with you.

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This answer is not about whether God does or doesn’t exist. Here’s how I see it. Life is a test, and we are all put to the test, sometimes a refresher test. Some force put us somewhere at a certain point in time. There is someone who needs help. What do you do? Use your cell phone, or do you go in and do the help yourself. That force is watching, and taking notes. Sometimes that force is very disappointed in us, and sometimes It/He/She is very pleased.

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^I like that post.

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