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Need tech help with understanding Bandwidth speeds on uploading and downloading on my computer for requirement for online course ?

Asked by Inspired_2write (11120points) June 1st, 2019

According to online course tech requirements it states that I need min 512 KBPS.
I ran an online test and it stated these results:
Downloading speed: 1695 Mbps
Upload speeds: 1.53 Mbps
Does my present computer meet or exceed these requirements in order to download the online study courses.

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I think your download speed is probably more like 16.95 Mbps, although it conceivably could be 169.5. Either way, you have about 30 times more than enough download bandwidth.

Your upload bandwidth is about 3 times more than the minimum: 3 * 512,000 = 1,536,000.

So I’d say you’re good to go.

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Thank you for answering quickly as I need this confirmation in order to register as soon as possible before the deadline of June 15,2019.
Appreciate your expertise!

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You’re welcome and good on you for getting an early start on your registration.

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Thanks for your encouragement.

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