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What is a good career, or job, for someone who has frequent indecision?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16763points) June 1st, 2019

Where is indecision a positive trait?

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Republican President of the USA.

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I suppose one could find the test online or just go over these choices that one or two may resonate with your interests,passions?

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Do a job with very little decision making required. Something where the job has specific tasks and you just have to get them done.

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A job where decision making is not at all involved. Work on a production line,

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@zenvelo Thanks. @JLeslie Can you suggest some jobs?

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Store shelf stocking. Warehouseman. Car assembly line. Brick mason.

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You make decisions all the time. You decide what foods you like and what video games to play. What you can’t decide is what career to pursue or what subjects to study. The only solution to that problem is to choose an entry level job, which covers most of the suggestions others have made.

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Squirrel in the street?

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