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Will listening to 40hz pure tone binaural beat all night cause any harm to your brain?

Asked by tan253 (2869points) June 2nd, 2019

Is this a ridiculous question?
Where I live, I hear a low rumbling hum, especially at night time when it’s quiet. It’s not tinnitus. Other people can hear it but they have to really listen and for me it’s like the sound of a loud diesel engine idling – or propeller planes – almost like the Taos HUM I think.

It enters my ears and then vibrates, it’s not very nice.

I have found that listening to binaural beats at 40hz makes the sound disappear, (on youtube) however I have been researching how these tones affect the brain and I’ve read that you should listen to them for an hour – but here I am listening to them for 8 hours whilst I sleep.

Would this cause any harm?

Does anyone know – I can’t find anything about it online.

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I don’t know if they are doing long term damage, but ultra low sounds can cause problems. Better to wear ear plugs than to listen to a constant sound.

And where is the noise coming from? Either takes steps to have it eliminated at night, or move.

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No physical harm, but it does mess up your sleep cycle and the REM sleep.

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ah good to know, the sound I think is coming from the Port, I can’t move, unless I move region.
I sleep with white noise last night, Im assuming that doesnt mess anything up as babys sleep with white noise!

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The bass sound is actually very hard to pin point and I seem to be the only one that hears it like I do!

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Sounds can bother people and make them nervous, give them headaches, etc. Noise is a serious issue that can be hard to get people to respond to.

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