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Does the movie "Sully", of 2016, depicts the USA aerial transports companies properly?

Asked by luigirovatti (1609points) June 2nd, 2019

You know, like airplanes and such. And, by the way, obviously, the question’s addressed to those who know the film.

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Yes, but it isn’t really accurate about the events that inspired the movie. Yes, he landed the plane in the Hudson and didn’t lose a single passenger, and yes it was a miracle, but they didn’t do the investigations in the way they portrayed, and his job was never in jeopardy. He was recognized as a true hero right off the bat. But they had to have something to wrap a movie around.

Also, did you know that the tug boat captain was the actual tug boat captain playing himself?

But as far as I know it portrayed the airlines accurately, but I am also not in the industry.

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ALSO the younger guy who played his co-pilot is the actor who played Julia Robert’s boyfriend in the movie Erin Brockovitch. (Rick just watches the movie. I watch and research at the same time!)

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The airplanes and passenger cabin look alright to me. But as for the authenticity of such things as the details in the cockpit, I wouldn’t have a clue. It’s probably a lot tougher to get a look at current instrument layouts since 9/11. Was there anything in the film you thought contrived or not authentic?

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@stanleybmanly: Try the severity of the investigation, given that Sully saved all those on board the airplane.

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You are correct that the investigation was made up. Without it we’d have had a very short, very boring movie.

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BTW I was the comment and I made that point.

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