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Would this cause you to start crying in public? (USA only)

Asked by Aster (19994points) June 3rd, 2019

Say you’re in the UK at a lavish dinner with the Queen like Donald Trump. An orchestra begins playing, The Star Spangled Banner to honor your country. Would you start crying under those circumstances? I know I would much to my embarrassment.

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It really might.

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No. I also don’t cry when they play for gold medal winners at the Olympics. I have no emotional attachment to the song whatsoever.

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No. I’m not that sentimental.

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Yes. Same as Proud to be an American by Lee Greenwood. You play those here and hats come off and it goes dead silent.

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I think she meant would it make you cry to hear that song being played in conjunction with trump.

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Crying? No. I’d probably feel honored and misunderstood if they were doing it because I was there, and tedium otherwise.

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No; I didn’t mean in conjunction with Trump. I meant if you were out of the country and it was played by an orchestra to commenorate America.

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Well, I reread it and now it makes no sense. “Say you’re in the UK at a lavish dinner with the Queen like Donald Trump.” what?

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@Aster I tear up at those kind of songs in my car alone, so yes, I probably would. I love my country.

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The wording of the question seems a bit off, it’s a case of a dangling modifier.
Like the Groucho Marx joke about the elephant wearing his pyjama’s.

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Dutchess , I’m sorry. I’m just so tired.

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I watched that sequence with Trump on the dais and am pretty sure there was a damned sight bit more crying than usual.

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I don’t think so. If I were feeling homesick, it’s possible. But in general I’m not sentimental about that kind of thing. Touching human stories can make me tear up, but I’m not sure that this would do it. I can’t know unless I’m in the situation, though.

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Possibly. Sometimes I am moved to tears by our national anthem or some other patriotic song, sometimes not. I never know when it will hit.

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When I was younger, I used to get tears in my eyes, from the anthem. Now, I lose more respect for the US, by the hour. If anything, I find it hypocritical, and reprehensible now, to pretend that the US, is something to honor…

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@MrGrimm888 I admire your disarming honesty!

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The word you are looking for is “cringe”.

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Speaking as an englishman, I loathe our anthem & so, as a yank, i’d hate in equal measure your awful national song…they’re bloody terrible.

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I can’t imagine why I would. Nope.

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@ucme England doesn’t have a national anthem but if you mean the UK national anthem “God Save the Queen” you can have it.

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Not at all.

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@flutherother You could not possibly have been more self righteous & patronising :D

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No, because in Britain they’d just be playing that old drinking song ‘To Anacreon in Heaven’.

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