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Is calling us "Jellies" a joke?

Asked by KNOWITALL (23384points) June 3rd, 2019

Since jellyfish don’t have a brain or central nervous system, is this pure cheek/ joke or is there something deeper?

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I think it’s safe to say this site has seen its share of brainless questions and answers. I think it’s also safe to say we have a lot of heart.

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what’s in a name? My guess is that the other titles for seagoing collectives were all taken, so we’re stuck with fluther, about as obscure a conglomeration as exists. I too would prefer us a collection of more dynamic creatures. But hey, you play the hand you’re dealt.

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Not sure of it’s exact origin. I use it out of respect for what I assumed was tradition…

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Every time I hear the word I cringe like a prom queen who just tore her dress.

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It seems pretty accurate to me.
The jellyfish nervous system consists of concentrations of ganglion-like structures distributed around the organism. “A jellyfish detects stimuli, and transmits impulses both throughout the nerve net and around a circular nerve ring, to other nerve cells. The rhopalial ganglia contain pacemaker neurones which control swimming rate and direction.”

Stimulate a jellyfish and it reflexively twitches either toward or away from the stimulus while informing the other cells.
Here…Let’s do an experiment: Abortion! Hillary! Trump! Gun Control!
See? It works!

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Can I give twenty more GA’s ? ? ? ? @LuckyGuy

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