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What was your most memorable day in the year 2000?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26680points) June 5th, 2019 from iPhone

How well do you remember that day right down to the smallest detail of what took place? What happened?

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For me, it was New Year’s Day. Such a big fuss was made about Y2K for months, or maybe more than a year. Everyone was in a big frenzy about the potential for computers to shut down, the electrical grid to stop working, and on and on and on. People were scared. They bought generators and extra food in case there were problems where the trucks couldn’t get food to the stores or cash registers stopped working. Companies had Y2K committees and towns had Y2K committees and boards and everyone was trying to be prepared in every way possible.

I remember going to visit friends for New Year’s Eve. We were all a little nervous. The ball dropped, everyone said happy new year to each other, the lights remained on, it was very anti-climactic, and then we went home.

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New Years Day my buddy Craig and I had the duty to make sure there weren’t Y2K issues with our equipment.
As it turned out, the only equipment that stopped working was our yard gas pump.
It was a pretty easy work day, but I remember Craig got a pizza for lunch, and burned the roof of his mouth pretty bad. He was in misery for weeks.

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12:01 AM Jan. 1.
Y2K was a bust.

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We all have the same answer.

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I don’t recall, but it probably involved strippers and/or alcohol.

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New years bash with my college, high school and bandmate friends. We all ran in the same circles and this ended up being one of the last big get togethers we had as 1999–2000 was when most of us graduated and left the college and music scene. I started my career that year and my first day at work was just as memorable looking back.

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New Year’s eve Dec. 31, 2000 was memorable, too, because it was the actual end of the millennium.

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I was a kid so I don’t remember Y2K panic, and the new year seemed like just another new year to me.

What I do remember to the date was June 14, 2000. It was the hottest year on record in many areas of California, including where I lived (I think the record was beaten in 2017, thank you climate change). I remember they made us stay inside during lunch because a kid had fainted from the heat. I was 8-years-old and in 3rd grade and the last day of school was the following day. 2000 was also the year we had a designated day to bring our Razor scooters to school (and another to bring our Pokemon cards to school which had been banned earlier that year).

Unfortunately I don’t remember much else, but 2000 was during my carefree years.

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New Year’s day starting right after midnight. I had soooo much fun. I will always remember that night.The festivities lasted all night.

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