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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25049points) June 6th, 2019 from iPhone

This question is for those who know the film. And also for those who wish to share their unique stories about love, devotion and responsibility to our family.

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Loved that film. Captured small town life quite well IMO.
Most people feel like Gilbert at some point in their life. It can be soul crushing to be tied down and held back with unwanted responsibility through no fault of your own.

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I think I saw that once. Wasn’t his mom so obese that she couldn’t even leave the house?

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That was the saddest movie ever and it made me so mad.

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Life was eating Gilbert Grape!!!

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As my condition worsened some years back, and no help from doctors, I worked at preparing my daughter for accepting that I might die before she turned 18. I had a number of discussions with her about budgeting, whether she wanted foster care, and the existence of emancipation for capable teens.
During one such talk she asked me if she should burn the house so nobody would see me.
I made it clear that it would be a mistake.

Of course she later took the things I taught her, and used them to runaway from a home she felt was her past, and a mom who never taught her anything important.

Gilbert and siblings showed great loyalty as is rarely found.

And, I hate the part where young Leonardo cuts the grasshopper in half.

Now I have to watch it again, and bawl my eyes out.

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