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What percentage of your annual income would you be willing to spend on a work of art?

Asked by raum (4501points) 2 months ago from iPhone

A local art gallery has experimented with variable pricing. Works of art priced at 1% of the buyer’s annual income (honor system).

Does that sound about right?
Too high or too low?

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I pay more than that on my pornography.

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Which is art.

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Depends on price and the work of art, most of that stuff is just dust collectors.

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Percentage of income? What a silly approach to pricing art.

So a homeless person could buy a Van Gogh for 25 cents, but it would cost me $1 million.

What a dumb idea.

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I’d pay more than 1% for a magnificent masterpiece.

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So…1% of @elbandioroso’s salary is 1 million. Hmmm

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I don’t think using a percentage of income to buy art makes any sense. It sounds like that rule about 2 months salary for an engagement ring.

@chyna Hmmmm is right. Lol. Moving around decimal points in my head now.

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£10 an hour gets me the saucy maid from below stairs on a rolling annual contract & boy…is she a work of ar…ahem, excuse me, do carry on.

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I must be shamefully cheap or practical. I simply would not pay more than about $50 for a piece of art – unless it were an investment.
If I am going to display something, it would be photos of family members or photos I took – something with memories attached.
One wall in my kitchen is covered ion maps of the World, USA, NY and the Finger Lakes region. We use that every day.
A few times per year I go to festivals with craft shows and marvel at some of the works by artists. Some are so beautiful., But would I want them on a shelf or wall in my house? No.
I’d rather use the shelf space for books, old medical equipment, and items with a personal connection.

I do have an absolutely brilliant Bronson Smith painting in the dining room, but it was a gift.

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If it was truly something epic that I had to have I could probably go up to 3–4%

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@LuckyGuy Thanks for showing us Bronson Smith. I had never heard of him. I like his stuff!!

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@Cupcake Oh yeah. His is so creative. Many of his paintings of old buildings are actually “mixed media”. He incorporates bits of wood into the painting to give it a 3 dimensional look. When lit up or seen from the side the image pops. Clever!

The picture I have uses rectangles laid out in the form of the golden spiral to give the effect of infinity. The closest/largest rectangle is of an old building along a coastline with the golden ratio, Phi, 1.618….
@PhiNotPi would love it!

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@LuckyGuy That’s really cool. I could see the dimension just in my google search… I’ll bet its so much cooler in person.

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@Cupcake When lit from above or the side the shadow effect changes as you walk past the pictures. That adds to the effect.

He is technical, (studied architecture and industrial design), but also artistically sentimental.

From his website:
“I have been drawn to decay and the transitory nature of the world around us. Buildings and communities age and disappear into the mist and are confined to stories of days past.

I feel the need to capture the images of the outports of Newfoundland & Labrador and the barns of Ontario. These solid structures become fragile as they are subjected to the elements of neglect, the environment and despair.

My paintings hold onto the world that is lost or disappearing – sometimes in the blink of an eye.”

I like that thinking.

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Who does not like emo/edgelord artists?

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