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Depending on where you live what is most likely going to affect you, a natural disaster, or a man made disaster?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20612points) June 6th, 2019

Example; do you live in a valley below a huge hydro dam?(man made)
Do you live in an active earth quake zone?(natural)

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Man made. Seismic zones can trigger man made events too. We put potential energy up all over the place in the form of said hydro dams, buildings, bridges etc… an earthquake out in a pasture or in the woods is likely far safer than being in most places humans inhabit. That’s not to downplay the role that some human activity does to prevent some natural disasters.

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Natural; we live in a county that has be underwater from hurricanes and tropical storms in the past. My front step is 151 feet above sea level, and it is a 2 hour drive to the coast; it is flat flat land.

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Natural. It would be tornadoes or hurricanes in Atlanta. Seismically, we’re pretty stable. There is a big dam / reservoir (lake Lanier and Buford Dam) but I’m nowhere at risk – it is 10 miles west of me.

Of course, an asteroid could wipe us all out. Nothing I can do about that.

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Mostly natural. But the oil companies are dying to drill off of the South Carolina coast.
There is a nuclear plant, or waste facility that’s not far, and happens to sit on one of the most active fault lines on the east coast.

Hurricanes top the list, but Charleston is over due for an earthquake right now. A tsunami would be catastrophic, as most of my state’s coast is flat, pretty far inland.

Global warming/rising sea levels, could change a LOT…

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Mine would be forest fires, man made, (idiot campers) and natural(Lightning).

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I live in the US. We’re in the middle of a man-made disaster: our government is going down in flames.

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^^SSHHhhhhhh,There are some Trump lovers here that would totally disagree with you, but off the record I totally agree with you, but you got to admit his rich buddies are doing great due to him and his tax cuts for them.

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