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How do food stores that let you bring your reusable containers manage it? See detail.

Asked by flo (12904points) June 6th, 2019

Edited to add:
I’m not referring to
the kind of items here: I’m referring to the deli section for example. Is there a video that shows the process? Added: The anti side says the cutlery could touch the container and who knows how clean sterile the containers are..

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I also worry that the container might not be clean, and if it touches the machines or scoops it could contaminate the product, but if you really think about it, someone’s hand isn’t much different. People touch the bags, or touch the scoop the wrong way, etc. Things aren’t sterile in a store, but you hope they are reasonably clean.

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@JLeslie Re. “I also worry that the container might not be clean.” I think it’s the same container we’re talking about, with my “The anti side says the cutlery could touch the container.”.
The way it is now the employees, aren’t touching what belongs to the customer.

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@flo The employees have rules for washing hands and using gloves.

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Yes they do.

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