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Is anyone familiar with Vector, and if so, could you help me?

Asked by Patty_Melt (17349points) June 7th, 2019

My daughter, having just graduated high school and looked beautiful has been, as per the norm, receiving invitations from colleges more than a year.

A few days ago she received a recruitment letter inviting her to apply for a job.
I won’t advertise for them by quoting details, but they boast some big stuff, including a very impressive starting wage.

I am concerned because I’ve never heard of it, and it sort of gushes.
I tried googling but what came up for me was confusing.

If anybody can clarify for me whether this company is legit and the potential for recruitment worth pursuing or not, please educate me.

If it is based in Hyderabad, I will flip my lid.

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Is this them? link If so, it’s selling knives and forks. Doesn’t seem to be anything more than a viral marketing sales job.

But there are a zillion companies named Vector.

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Ick! That’s it. The logo matches the letterhead.
Thanks. I will let her know so if any of her friends got similar letters she can give them a head’s up.

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I hear it is a scam.

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I am certain of it after seeing that link. Companies try to rope in kids fresh from high school into a sales scheme. Here is the bottom line, each “employee” is required to pay for a certain amount of items nobody wants. They are assured these are hot items and will sell themselves.
The company has unloaded a case of crap, and kids everywhere are trying to sell a case of salad forks.

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