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Have you (you personally, or someone you hired) ever eradicated poison ivy from an area and not had it come back?

Asked by canidmajor (16131points) June 7th, 2019

Please, only relate personal experience. Not a great article you read, or a terrific site you found, or what that guy three houses down did. And please, no lectures on how to do it in the greenest way possible (the vinegar thing does not work BTW).
But if you succeeded, or someone you hired succeeded, please relay how. Over the last two years I’ve had two separate landscapers try and fail (it came back) and before that I had at it myself and succeeded in suffering miserably for weeks, no matter the precautions I took.

If you used horrid toxins, and don’t want to incur the wrath of others, please PM me.


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I’ll straight up tell you I use roundup. ( yes it probably causes cancer just don’t get any on you and shower after) There is no pretty way to get rid of it that I’m aware of. I transplanted some ground crawling regular ivy in its place. Still have to control that some but the poison ivy stayed gone.

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“Stayed gone” for more than one season? That would be great.
Thanks for the info. My tag “scorched earth” really means just that. Pacts with the devil being made as we speak.

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I wish I knew exactly what kind of ivy, I got some from a family member and planted it. It just chokes everything else out. Gotta keep it cut back too but it’s not going to get crazy out of control like kudzu will.
Yeah, no more of the itchy stuff. I’m in East Tn so if your climate is close to a temperate rainforest like it is here then that’ll probably do it.

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Yes. I used Roundup and that got it.
I used the 50.2% Glyphosate concentrate at a rate of 4 ounces in my 2 gallon sprayer. I used that to cover 400 sq ft in 2 passes. Half the tank in the morning and the remaining half before lunch. it was gone!
Later in the season I hit the area again to kill other weeds . If there was any PI growing, that second pass got it.

I’m in Western NY.

I also use Roundup in my 25 gallon, tow behind boom sprayer to eliminate the weeds in the stone driveway to my barn . It works!

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Our summers here in New England tend towards hot and humid, the stuff grows like crazy and is really hard to eradicate. Guess it’s going to be the ol’ Satan’s Spit remedy! I hate buying the stuff as everybody in the store has something rude to say, but I offer to show them the scars from what the last systemic PI event did to my person. ugh.

Thanks so much, you guys, I appreciate the input.

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Remember it only works when the crop is actively growing. Spray it early in the season on a nice warm day with still air and green leaves!

I am lazy and do not like to haul extra water around. I prefer to spray early morning when there is a light coating of dew on the leaves. I mix the batch up at 2x the recommended concentration but spray the recommended square footage area as labelled.
Later in the day or the following day I hit it a second time.

I wear rubber gloves, a mask, hat, and wrap-around safety glasses. I also shower right after I use it. Always!

<—— Had prostate cancer in his mid-50’s.

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I wear practically a hazmat suit just to be in the vicinity of PI. It’s cooler in the morning so the protective gear doesn’t melt me.

Glad you’re not Worried Guy any more. :-)

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Sokolove Law (855) 204–6485. The law firm handling the Roundup lawsuits in case you all need it later. :-)
P.S. I use roundup

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Ha! But who do I call for the poison ivy lawsuit?? :-)

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I sprayed it with some sort of poison IVY killing chemical and then once it started to die my husband pulled it out. I don’t think it ever came back. I’ve only done it that one time, because it was overgrowing in a weird spot.

Thankfully, my husband and I have never had poison ivy, not even as children. My neighbor had it at least once a year in TN, if not more. We lived in a wooded area. Possibly, my husband and I are immune, but even so we covered our whole body when we got rid of that one patch of it.

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@JLeslie I have a suspicion that some growths of Poison Ivy just have less of the oil that causes the reaction. I used to get it as a kid but I don’t think I have had a reaction in over 20 years and I’m in and around it all the time. WebMD says some of us are not sensitive at all I did not realize it was an actual allergic response and not a chemical type irritation until just now.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Yeah, some people are much more reactive than others, and some people have no reaction. When I was a child we used go through the woods in camp, or go berry picking, I never got it. One time I was playing with a boy, we sat in it. His mom was freaking out, telling us to get up. He got it really bad up and down his legs. I had nothing. I still wouldn’t risk it now though, maybe I was lucky, I don’t know. A friend of mine almost died from poison oak. Literally, in ICU for days.

Ironically, I’m sometimes allergic to cosmetics that boast about being “natural.” I don’t know what ingredient it is I’m allergic to.

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