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Which character in The Wire do you think Obama most identifies with?

Asked by ben (8568points) August 25th, 2008

It’s supposed to be his favorite show. I’m wondering where he might put himself in the complex saga. No spoilers please (I just finished season 3).

p.s. Yes, it’s the best show ever.

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Carcetti. A polical candidate fighting for change in a racially charged election. Hopefully without the moral lapses that Carcetti suffers from.

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Joe Biden = McNulty?

I’m only on Season Two, so pleeease no spoilers.

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I was thinking Daniels because he seems to be pretty smart and have very good intentions as well as ambition, but then I thought about Lester, but I don’t see Obama being that subtle. I think Andrew has it right. Carcetti it is.
Personally I like Omar. He only robs and kills bad guys.

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I don’t know who Obama would be in the the Wire, but I know that he has said his favorite character is Omar.

Hopefully he’ll take some non-literal lessons from Omar on how to win a fight!

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Lester/Omar mix. Lester for wisdom and canniness, Omar for courage and style. Go Barack.

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I love that we all support comparing him to Omar :D

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See another way Obama and I connect. We both root for Omar! Wait til you see what happens in the last season!!! (Being careful not to reveal spoilers)

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The Bunk.

There is a side to Obama we don’t see.

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