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What are some successful musical performers out there, that are actually terrible, and would actually not have a chance at winning even any of the many 'X country got talent' competitions?

Asked by ragingloli (45308points) 3 months ago

And the contestants there are shit, as well.

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Though I disagree, Wierd Al Yankovic might be who you are looking for.

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Weird Al is a treasure, plays multiple instruments and writes satirical lyrics.

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Several bands that he mimicked commented that he captured their sound better than they did. Weird Al is a talented guy.

All this bubblegum autotune shit pop gets my vote. Some of those “artists” not only can’t play any instruments but they can’t really sing either. Not that I really care about vocals anyway. I like instrumental music.

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Are you saying that country music is music? One or two forms might be but the rest is (expletive deleted).

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The Rolling Stones.

@kritiper I think he’s referring to “country” as in the US, Sweden, etc.

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